October 21, 2019



Transfer is over

Well, this week was a little bitter sweet for me. This was the last week of this transfer even though it is the fifth week of the transfer. This week was pretty good and we got to meet with a lot of people. Some of the most important things that happened this week was we met with Ernesto Ochoa, one of the people who we are teaching, for the first time this transfer. He is super cool and had a lot of amazing questions about baptism and how we perform it. He is really eager to learn and I hope he continues to want to learn more. Another family we met with was a part member family where the father is not a member, he really loves the church but he hasn't decided that it is right for him to join. It doesn't help that he can't make it to church because of work. We were super excited to tell him about the new outreach program and that he could go to a later session after work. We found that he could definitely make it to the Sunday night meeting but that the next two weeks he would be out of town on the weekends. I am super excited to see him being able to learn and grow more by going to church. Then this Sunday we had our first Sunday night outreach meeting and we were super excited with the turnout. We had 3 or 4 families attend who were either inactive or who couldn't make it to the 12:30 meeting earlier in the day. I am super excited for the ward and for all the people that this outreach is going to help but anyways that was about my week. Also it was my brother's birthday Sunday so, happy birthday to him. Anyways, that's all, I hope you are all had a good week, I love you all a d miss you all. Until next week
I guess I forgot to say in my letter that no I did not get my Visa and so have been transferred to a new area, my new area is Escondido and my companion is from Brazil. More to come next week


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