October 14, 2019



Week 4

Well friends and family I am writing again. Okay so this week was pretty good. After my letter on Monday things kind of fell through that night and we mostly just ended up looking for people to teach. Tuesday, we had exchanges so one of my companions, Elder Facer went to another companionship for a day and we gained one companion from the companionship that had Elder Facer. I felt really bad for Elder Carpenter the whole day because I couldn't help much with lessons and the Elder we picked up was not a Spanish Elder, but we still had a good day and managed to teach a few people. Wednesday we were back to the normal 3 companions, we had district counsel then we went and got chipotle as a district, that was pretty good, the rest of the day was decent, we only managed to get with one of the families that we had appointments with. Thursday was a lot better, we had a few appointments in the afternoon, we managed to teach a few families and we found a few people that we can teach, then we went and played soccer and that is always a good time. Friday, we weekly planned like we normally do, we were able to visit a few families, one was a man we thought was a member but it turns out he actually wasn't, his son was a member and just recently passed away, he is a really nice guy and seems like he really wants to know more, he even shared a scripture with us from the book of Mormon, so I'm super excited to get to teach him more. Saturday, most of our lessons fell through and so we decided that we were going to another part of our area to see if we could meet with any of the people we were teaching over there. We did manage to meet with some people and we had a good time, I love getting to meet all these people and getting to know them all. Sunday was pretty cool as well, while we were in a meeting they announced that we would be doing an outreach program to help those who couldn't be at church when we have it. It is going to be basically another sacrament meeting where people can come and have a chance to partake the sacrament if they couldn't be at our normal church meeting time. We were super excited to hear about this because we have some people who would get baptized but they can't make it to sacrament meeting but now they will be able to since this meeting isn't till later at night when most people would be home. We think this could be a huge blessing for those with a desire to be baptized and I can't wait to see how it goes. Anyways, that has been about all for my week, just remember I love you all and love hearing from all of you each week. I know that God blesses us and I have definitely seen that in my time here in California. Alright well see y'all next week


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