October 7, 2019



Week 3 and lovin it

Well, this was my third week here in California and things haven't really gotten less crazy, Haha. Monday was pretty easy, we played some sports for p-day, mostly we play basketball which makes me happy, later in the day we tried to contact new people by knocking doors, that didn't go well, we were unable to get anybody new to teach. Tuesday was strange, we got up, studied as we normally do, then things were weird, we were supposed to have meetings with the mission president since this transfer is shorter and is only 5 weeks but when we got to interviews we found out that they were behind on interviews, a lot. We couldn't go back since we were about an hour from our apartment and even further from our area, so we just had to wait for our turn to be interviewed. We didn't manage to get out of interviews till about 5:30, on the way back we decided that we would see if we could visit a few people and if not then we would just visit members. We ended up not being able to me with any investigators, so we decided that we would go give a message to one of the member families in the ward, that went well but that was about it for Tuesday. Wednesday was fun, we studied then had district counsel and weekly planning taking up our afternoon. Afterwards we went and visited a family in the ward. We then had a chance to go on exchanges with the young men of the ward and were able to visit some of the less active people in the ward, that was really fun, I was paired with 2 brothers, Cole and Rhett, both were really cool but had very different personalities and that made the night really fun. On Thursday morning we had a service activity, we were able to help an investigator move some dentistry equipment into a storage unit, we were there with a less active member and the rest of the Elders in our district, we had a very fun time and also got donuts which were awesome, Haha. After the service we went to knock more doors in our area, looking for new people to teach, we did this until dinner and were once again completely unsuccessful, we were a little discouraged but kept going forward. We got to play some soccer that night a d we were happy to see that one of our investigators brought one of his friends to play soccer with us, he was really good. On Friday we had a trainer follow up, so I got to see all the other greenies again and that was fun, we roll played and practiced teaching, I also got to practice some Portuguese which was a bit more rusty than I thought it would be since I'm still practicing it every day but it was still good practice. That took up most of our day and the rest of the day we spent letting everyone know about conference. Then on Saturday we had conference, conference was amazing and I learned so much from it, i love hearing from all the apostles and the prophet especially, sadly on Saturday none of our investigators were able to come to conference, after conference, we went back out to try to get in contact with some people who had been taught in the past. We couldn't get in contact with most but we managed to get in contact with a family that was on date to be baptized but the missionaries had stopped teaching them, so that was good. We were also able to get a return appointment for this week so I'm really excited for that. That was about it for Saturday. On Sunday we had the second part of conference which was just as amazing as Saturday, if any of you haven't had a chance to watch any of the sessions or even if you have, I would invite you to read them or watch them and to go into them with a question that you want answered and I promise that your question will be answered. I am so excited for April when we get another chance to listen to the words of the prophet and his apostles. That is about it for my week, before I end though I just want to say that I love you all and that I know this gospel is true and that President Nelson is God's prophet on the earth today and that families are eternal and an essential part of God's plan, I love this gospel and am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the lord and preach his gospel, anyways that's about it for me, I hope you all have a good week this week. Tchau


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