September 30, 2019



Second week in the field

I'm back again
Last week was pretty crazy but I think this week may be even crazier. Last Monday was my first p day, I explained a little about what I did, however, I didn't tell you what happened after I sent my email. After I sent my email me and my companions went and we got to play some baseball with some Hispanics. Some of the people there were very good, some not so good. I hadn't played actual baseball in a few years( like 5 or 6) so I definitely fell into the not so good category, Haha. However I still had a ton of fun. On Tuesday Elder Carpenter, one of my companions had a baptismal interview to do in Spanish so for a while it was just me and Elder Facer, we went to visit someone we were teaching, sadly he wasn't home, we went to a member's house who was just around the corner, once again he wasn't home. We decided that we should go to a different area and visit a member over there. When we got there we found out that the member hadn't lived there for a few years, we almost decided that we should go home since it was almost 9 and our apartment was not close to where we were. Then Elder Facer saw that there was someone nearby who had been taught at one point but was no longer being taught. We decided to go and visit them, we caught the person as he was leaving and he couldn't stay to talk with us. However his grandson was still there, his name is Isaac, we taught him for about 20 minutes before we had to go. He was actually really excited to see us again and we were able to set up a return appointment for this week so pray for him and for us. Wednesday we had zone conference pretty much the whole day so that was Wednesday. Thursday was a lot of dropped appointments. Normally on Thursday night we play soccer with some people from the ward and some interested people. That got cancelled due to rain, but we weren't told and so we showed up, when we found out about it being cancelled we were annoyed but decided that it was a good time to go and visit a referral. It turns out that was the place we needed to be, we got in with the referral, his name is Jose and he was super nice and seemed really interested on our message. That was about it for Thursday. Friday, not a ton happened and it was mostly just a lot of cancelled appointments and not very interested people. Saturday was much the same but we got to eat dinner with a family in the ward who we had given a blessing to on Thursday, they seemed much happier on Saturday which was awesome to see. Sunday, I again got to hear Spanish being spoken and tried to understand as much as I could, I was happy to find that I could understand a little more but it was still very hard, haha. Sunday night we ate with a family that spoke English, they fed us steak and it was amazing. I just want to testify to all of you that God knows where you need to be, better than you do, this week has taught me that and reaffirmed that to me. Anyways, hope you are all doing well and am always glad to hear from you. Also didnt get any pictures this week so sorry and I'll try harder next week.


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