September 23, 2019



First week in the field

Óla familia e amigos.
This week has been crazy. on Tuesday morning when I left the mtc in provo they rushed me out the door saying that I was late for my flight and that I was supposed to leave at 9:15 when I was just getting to the travel office at about 9:45 ish. So I was a bit panicked when I left, thinking that I was not going to make my flight. When I got to the frontrunner I ended up sitting on the train for about 30 minutes before it actually left the station, so much for being late haha. I was on the train for about an hour and managed to talk to a few people who were return missionaries themselves which was really cool. When I got to the airport I was lucky enough to see the little twins for the first time, they were a lot tinnier than I thought they would be. It was good to see some of my family before I couldn't see them for two years. I sat at the airport for another few hours before boarding the flight and talked with another person who was a return missionary and another family who had a son who was putting in his papers currently. When I got to california I was met by the mission president, his wife, and the ap's. They took us to the newport temple right away. Sadly we didn't get to go inside the temple but we did get to take pictures outside of the temple. We then went to a stake center and were fed food by some of the senior missionaries in the mission. The food was amazing. We then stayed the night with different missionaries, I got to stay with the ap's, they are some pretty cool elders. The next day we went back to the stake center and had lunch and found out who our trainers would be. I got put into a trio with two spanish speaking elders, elders Carpenter and Facer. My trainers are awesome. Wednesday night we went out and tracted, we didn't have a ton of success until the last person we talked to, he was just sitting outside his house and was very nice, I understood a little of what was being said since it was all in spanish but the man seemed like he was interested in what we were saying and he agreed to meet with us so we will see how that goes this week. Then we went and taught some members in the ward, they ended up feeding us and they are some really cool people. That was about it for wednesday. Thursday we went and did some service at a place called fam, it was a resale store, that was a really cool place and it was really fun serving there. Then we went and played soccer with some investigators which was a ton of fun, after soccer we taught an investigator named Alex, he is super cool and very nice. Friday we were planning at our stake center and noticed that some of the members were setting up for a festival so we decided that we would help them with that. We went to a part member family and taught them, they gave us some peppers and let's just say that it was probably one of the hottest things I have ever eaten, my mouth was on fire for like 20 minutes after that, haha. On Saturday, we went to the festival that we had helped set up the day before, the festival was amazing, so many people showed up, including some of our investigators. There was a band there called The Nashville Tribute band, it is made up of members and they are some really cool people. The stake center that we had the festival at had an amazing view of the ocean. Sunday, my first Sunday in the field, it was very interesting, the meeting was in Spanish completely and so I was only able to pick out parts of what was being said but it was also a really cool experience. After the meeting we taught an english class to some of the members who wanted to learn more english. That was very fun and it was cool to see how much the memers enjoyed learning english. That night we went to have dinner with a family in the ward, the Garridos, while we were talking with them they thought I was from Brazil and so most of the night they were asking me how to say everything in Portuguese, I knew how to say some things but I wasn't able to tell them everything in Portuguese which confused them a bit, haha. Eventually they realized that I was from Utah and was going to Brazil, haha, after they kept apologizing to me for thinking that I was from Brazil, I was like maybe that will help me when I actually get to Brazil, haha. They are a really cool family and were super nice to us. My first pday in the field was awesome. We went to the store in the morning to get food for the day, afterwards we went to play some volleyball and basketball with our district at our stake center. Then we came back to our apartment and started writing letters. And that's where we are at now, after this we are going to play some baseball with some more investigators, after that we are hoping to get a lesson in with Alex, one of our investigators. Anyways, that is all for my week but the last thing I want to leave you with is a scripture, it is the scripture that I used for my missionary plaque, it's Ether 12:27, y'all should go read it if you have time but it just talks about how through God our weaknesses can become strengths and that has been pretty obvious this week as I've been trying to improve my Portuguese while also trying to be involved in lessons in spanish, it has been very had and I am still working on it myself but I know that if I am humble and try my hardest that God will help me with all of my weaknesses. Anyways, love you all and hope everyone has a great week this week. Tchau familia e amigos


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