September 9, 2019




This week has been crazy for me. Tuesday night we had an amazing devotional that was so spiritual. Wednesday was crazy as well. We had to teach for 30 minutes completely in Portuguese to a native that we called over Skype. It was crazy, so much of what she was saying I didn't understand but the spirit that I felt during that lesson was amazing. Thursday was the most uneventful day of the week but was still a good day. Friday was probably the craziest day this week. When me and my companion went to breakfast we saw a bunch of people outside the cafeteria, apparently the fire alarm had gone off and so everyone was evacuated from the building but it was nothing serious and everyone was eventually let back into the building. While we were outside some sister had asked others in our district if they had been reassigned or not, so we all checked and it turns out I'm one of the people who has been reassigned. I will be serving one transfer as of now in the california newport beach area. I'm pretty excited to see what it is like serving in the states before I go down to Brazil and serve the people down there. Saturday was pretty cool. We got to watch a special devotional celebrating the 95 birthday of President Nelson, that was pretty cool to see how many people respect and love our prophet. Yesterday was pretty good for me as well, we had our departing interviews since we will be leaving next monday and we had another great devotional about the importance of the book of mormon in our teaching. I also had a chance to look at one of the murals here that has a question associate with it, the question was am I ready to serve the lord in his own way. That really changed how I looked at my being reassigned and made me realize that I'm meant to go to California for some reason and I may not know the reason for it but God knows all and he knows why I'm being sent to California. Anyways, that's been my week so far, sounds like everything is going well for all of you back home and I can't wait to talk with you today.
Love, Elder Logan


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