November 4, 2019


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Maguet from Kentucky


Salama Everyone!!!
My last week in Cali was great. I was actually able to perform one of the two baptisms we had. I baptised Rosalina! Rosalina is a super nice grandma and she practically took care of me in Cali. She would make me and my companion food all the time and she would ask about all of our problems haha. I will miss California.

Now for Madagascar-
It took me 3 full days to get to Mada, but I am finally here and gosh it is amazing. The drive from the airport to the home was absolutely crazy. As soon as we left the airport we see all these little kids swimming, but I guess Mada doesn't have swimming trunks or anything at all to swim in haha. Once we got to the house we dropped off our stuff and then went to dinner. We went to this nice French resturant which was suppose to be super expensive. I bought one of the most expensive things and it was only like $2! Everything here is so cheap. My favorite candy bar cost 100 ar which is only like 3 cents hahah. It’s amazing.

The area we are serving in is called Sabotsy Namehana. It is the northern most part of the big city in Mada called Antananarivo. It is so amazing here and I have already made a lot of Malagasy friends even though your boy can't speak the language at all haha. One of my main friends is this guy named Quirot and why we are such good friends is because he is learning English so we can kind of understand each other haha. Gerald is another sweet dude who is actually getting baptised next week. He is 18 and he is a stud. He comes to church every week and shows up extra early to make sure he doesn't miss anything. So, I actually broke my camera last week so I couldn't take that many pictures, but my boy Gerald and his papa fixed it haha.

My dope comp is Elder Maguet from Kentucky. One quick crazy experience is when we were out running one night. We didn't exercise in the morning so we went jogging at night. We ran like a mile or so and then a dog is standing in the middle of the path and it is growling at us. We work our way around it but the second I pass it the dog turns and tries to bite off my ankle. Luckily my Malagasy powers kicked in and I moved my foot hahah but the dog chased us for a bit so we had to run away haha. Good work out in good old Madagascar.

Malagasy Word of the Day
Midongy which means to pout

Stay righteous my friends
Elder Little Kramer


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