October 21, 2019


Antelope, California


Elder Boam

Leaving Cali for Madagascar

Salama brother and sisters,
My week is wack as always haha. Since somehow I filled a spot for a zone leader I had to go on a bunch of exchanges this week. The first day I went on an exchange with a cowboy from Wyoming. His name is Elder Stevens and he is a stud. We had some great talks and we found 5 new people in one day which is more than we ever dreamed of.
Then the next day I went on an exchange with Elder Jensen and we had a stellar day. We found 2 people in a difficult area of the zone. We were also on bikes in the hilliest part of the mission and that was the hardest leg workout of my life hahah.
My comp, Elder Boam, and I did not have any guns or weapons pulled on us this week which is super shocking haha but we still found 6 new people! On Saturday we will attend 2 baptisms. Can you believe this week?

So big news-
I was told that they got my visa this week. I fly to LA then to London then to South Africa and then to Mada. I am so excited to go I cant believe its finally here!!
The second I heard that they received it I couldn't stop smiling. As I got home I locked myself in a closet and started to pray I was so overwhelmed with the spirit I just started sobbing. I have prayed for this moment forever and I'm finally going to Madagascar. I am so excited to go and serve the people.

California has been an awesome experience. I made great friends with all the missionaries and I learned so much. The people here are wack and I love them.

Malagasy Word of the Day
nohomboana tamin'ny hazo fijaliana
meaning crucified


Elder Kramer


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