August 31, 2019



Elder Hall

MTC Week 4

Salama Rehetra Olona!
I hope everyone is doing great and has had an amazing week!!!

This week at the MTC we had a video chat with a church member in Mada (Madagascar). It was so mind blowing listening to her speak. She spoke so fast and used so many really big words -hahah. It was so hard to understand what she was saying, but it got me so excited to learn more about Malagasy. I feel like I've been picking up the language well and I understand everything that's going on in class, but, I still have so much more to learn. I listened to a talk in Malagasy this week and wow it was rough haha. They talk was so fast and I swear the translator did not take a single breath haha.

Our zone is in a bit of trouble right now because some of the Albanian elders decided to jump in an elevator and broke it. They got stuck in the elevator for like an hour and someone had to come fix it. The MTC has cameras everywhere so they all got caught while jumping in the elevator -haha.

Reading ny Bokini Mormona everyday has seriously been one of the biggest blessings in my life. As soon as I get up, I shower and then read for as long as I can. I have to set a timer because sometimes I forget the time and read forever. I feel like sometimes we can take reading ny Bokini Mormona for granted. One of my teachers told me a story how a family in Mada walked for 4 days to get a bunch of Bokini Mormona for the village they lived in. They walked 4 days so they can read and strengthen their testimony. Every single one of us has the Book of Mormon at our finger tips, but we still forget about it. So remember, there is always time to read the Book of Mormon.
Mampanantena anao aho, fa raha mamaky ny Bokini Mormona androany ao amin'ny faniriana sy hivavaka androany ianao dia mahatsapa fahasambarana sy fiadanana amin'ny rehetra vakatra ianao.
I promise you that if you read the Book of Mormon everyday with desire and pray everyday then you will feel happiness and piece in all things.

It is crazy how fast things have gone in the MTC. I feel like I got here just yesterday, but I am already 30 days into my mission. I still got a long way to go, but I am so excited and happy to serve the Lord.
Attitude is everything
Jacobsen 1:1

You are all incredible!!!

Elder Kramer

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