February 10, 2020


Colville Washington


Elder Butler

18 Months ?

Hey everyone! Another week in Colville has come and gone. We had a really good week this week. We found a couple of super cool people to teach, and even put one of them on date for baptism. His name is Jason, and he's super super cool. We've had a couple of lessons with him and so far he's doing really good. In our last visit we read 3 Nephi 11 with him which talks a lot about baptism. As we were talking about it after reading he had told us he was just thinking a little while ago about getting baptized sometime in the spring. We told him that as missionaries we helped prepare people for that commitment and then set a goal date for April. We're really excited to keep working with him and help him to learn and grow. We also went to MLC on Tuesday down in Spokane. I love MLC becuase I get to see a lot of my good buddies when we're there. The lunches are also killer, we got homemade Panda Express which is pretty unbeatable. I hit 18 months the other day as well which is super nuts. I seriously feel like I just got over the hump last week. Time is going by way too fast. Sorry this is really random, but I just remembered how we went tracting in a tiny down called Metaline Falls for about 3 hours a couple of days ago and got antied or met really mean people at almost every door. Then the next day we were tracting for 4 hours in an apartment complex that gave me the heebie geebies a little bit. I felt like I was participating in the shining and a mass murderer was going to pop out of one of the doors and get us. It was all good though and we even found 3 people who were interested in us coming back so that was sweet. Sorry for that random spurt but I figured someone would appreciate it. Other than that I don't have much else to report on. Other than telling yall I know this church is true and the Jesus Christ lives. He loves us and is watching over us, love you all! ❤️ 


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