December 24, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Tadler


Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope that you are enjoying this time of year! It's definitely my favorite and I have loved every minute of it here in Montana. We got a little snow yesterday, but not enough to write home for haha. We didn't have tons happen this week. We had a lot of people cancel appointments due to the Holidays and such. Not many people wanted to talk to us either because they are with their families and stuff. We did find one new person to teach this week named Naomi. She is really interested in learning more about the gospel and is super promising. When we found her it was pouring rain and I got soaked (Elder Tadler took all the room under the awning) so that was fun. Then it started hailing and I got hit square in the head, consequently I lost a few more precious brain cells I don't have. We had 5 people come to church yesterday though which is the most we've ever had! It's hard enough to get 1 or 2, so 5 was so great. Other than that not much happened this week. I will be calling home tomorrow at 12 so that's exciting! I'm sure you can contact my mom about it and she'll probably let you know if I like you enough to want to talk to you😉. On that note I love you all and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope that we can all remember to keep Christ in the center of our hearts this wonderful time of the year!
1) The Nativity I Painted (Thanks Grandma!) 
2) Elder Tadler and I with some Beanies my Grandma sent us haha! 


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