May 31, 2018




Elder Pedersen

1st P-day


La CCM es increíble. Mi compañero estoy feo y molesto. ¡Es una broma! Mi compañero nombre es Elder Pedersen y el es de Medford Oregon. El es gracioso hombre. el nosotros primera semana la mayoría de disrticto tenido enfermos. Yo no tenido enfemo!

alright thats enough of spanish for the moment. and dont be fooled i used google translate for most of that.

The flight into mexico was alright. I was stuck on a plane with absolutely no leg room and personal tvs to watch any movie I wanted and they even had headphones to pass out if you didnt have any! So that was a torturous 4 hours. There wasnt any other missionaries on my flight which is dumb because there is an elder in my district thats from Las Vegas. His name is Elder Perkins but I asked and he said he isnt related to the Perkins in our ward. He was zoned for Legacy but went to NorthWest. Also he said that one of the bishopric members that was in the North Star ward was his young mens leaders. small world. I also meet Hermana Slack who is Bro. Denise's relative. She is in my district as well and we will be flying to Richmond together.
My district is sooo cool. We have a trio of Hermanas y 2 other sets of hermanas y 2 sets of elders that includes my comp and me, Elder Perkins and Elder Parke, Hermana Slack y Jones, Hermana Williams y Blockston, Hermana Guira y Jenkins y Baker (shes from New Zealand and has a dope accent). We all get along super well.
My room is kind of set up like a dorm. There are 3 rooms, 2 beds in each and 1 bathroom with 2 toilets and 2 showers (the bathroom looks like a locker room). the other elders in our room are mostly latinos. I know one is from Columbia and one is from Peru and not sure where the other one is from it may be Mexico but the last elder is from North Carolina. at the end of the night we talk to each other and they teach us some spanish while we teach them english. The elder from Columbia likes some of the same music as me. We spent half of personal study time talking about the different rock bands we listen to, hes into 70's all the way up to Metallica y UnderOath y Asking Alexandria.
The days feel like weeks here. We are in class from 8am to 9pm with breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between. The food here is generally pretty good expect for the pizza. The cheese looks and feels fake the crust is dry and like cardboard and i dont know if there is any sauce. I would rather eat that vegan cheese pizza from the expo than the pizza here. Other than that its been really good! There is generally rice and California blend veggies with every meal and hot sauce and some way good salsa. We did have one day where almost everyone got sick! But not me because my body refuses to be weak. Our dinner Friday night was that nasty pizza (which i didnt eat) and some super long hot dogs (that were way nasty) and nacho cheese. so of course i covered my hotdog in cheese. The next morning half of the CCM had diarrhea and throwing up including my comp. The doctor told him to rest and stay in our casa so we slept most of the day because we couldnt leave. They said it was a virus that went around but we all still blame the pizza aha.
The classes are pretty hard because it is 99% spanish and we have been role play teaching an investigator in spanish since last Wednesday.... I am starting to pick up some stuff but its super difficult. The worst part about class is the constant sitting. We get up and do some activities out side (because there is no A\C in any of the classes or bedrooms) which is nice to stretch our legs. But I honestly think my butt is going to have a massive flat spot like a tire thats been on a car that hasnt moved in 30 years. And apparently im the only one in the district that cant stand the 14 hours of straight sitting.
We havent really taken any pictures yet because we are only allowed to on P days but today we get to go to the Mexico City Temple. Its cool but annoying because I hardly understood what was happening the first time in the temple, in Las Vegas, in a language I have been speaking for 23 years. Now I get to do it in a language I have been speaking for 10 days.
Also there is a Hermana Lemmon here! We talked to each other to see if we are related but since I ditched the last family reunion i had no idea. She says she is from Oregon (i think) and that her Great Grandpa is from Silverton and im assuming thats in Utah but if anyone wants to look that up and let me know if we are related that would be dope!

Well, Thats all I have to say about that.

Elder Lemmon

P.S. and remember "Keep on keeping on"!


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