November 11, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder NoramBuena

Week 18- Transfers round 1

Halo todo,

This week we had some great lesson and my Spanish really seems to have taken off and that's finally nice to see the progress and reap the blessings after a little bit of patience and a lot of work. We had transfers Today and my comp Elder Torres is headed super far away to Cerete a whole 20 mins in a bus. I am staying in lovely Mocori and Elder NoramBuena is coming from Manizales (like 18 hours or something long in a bus) on Tuesday. I get to hanging out with one of the Zone leaders for the next day and a half or so until our comps show up. it's fun.

We talked to one lady that didn't want anything to do with us because I'm from the states and she doesn't like gringos. Oh and her reason gringos don't like Latinos so she doesn't like gringos. I don't understand but it's literally what she said. Apart of the life of course. Just one of the many reasons or excuses people make for us. Waking up at 6:30 every morning is by far something i love more than I thought I would especially with my history with it before the mission. My secret is you can't hesitate just throw yourself up out of bed and do something and you'll be fine. Every second you hesitate it is game over. This week we had a lot of morning lesson and some that are like a 45 minute walk away, so I didn't get a ton of time to study but really I am just treasuring every moment I get now and they seem to be so much spiritually packed in shorter periods of time. The temperature is slowly starting to pick up and with it the rain seems to be slowing down so we are not getting as many brakes in the heat. Really rough walking from 12-3 just killer sun and everything else. We try to always have lessons during these times but the sun just bakes the house and everything so really we don't beat that one way or another. One blessing is we actually seem to notice it less when we walk around.

Spiritual thought:
Read the Book. You can't say the Book of Mormon is true or false until you read it and know for yourself. The Holy Ghost will testify of it but you first have to read and pray.

.Love ya,
Elder Hineman


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