July 23, 2019


Bogata MTC/CCM


Elder Wolfley

Week 2-Some week in the land of Bogota

The days are long and the weeks short but it feels like I have been here for ages. We are studying the Spanish language really hard but our hard work is paying off as our district is the best and furthest along right now in the MTC. We also answer like 75% of all the questions in devotionals and workshops so we are pretty much working really hard. The food is alright most of the time sometimes it gets rough and I can't say the rice is almost ever cooked all the way but it works. There is always a lot of fruit though nothing special. The avocados are like the size of cantaloupes here it is wild. The food is usually good but it's a bit odd sometimes. I've had a bunch of juices that I couldn't tell you what they are or what they are not but they are pretty great. We don't have as much instruction these days its more of just personal study and stuff. They want us to have 2500 new words memorized in 2 weeks so we are all praying now if we weren't before. We get to go the the Bogota temple every Tuesday morning which is very refreshing and the Sunday meeting (in English) are just the best. We went out on splits with the Bogota south mission and did a lot of contacting, attended a baptism, and taught one lesson and gave a Book of Mormon to some guy that use to be a cocaine farmer. Our favorite videos are the SafetyZone ones and we got in trouble for being a bite loud during the intro music. You can look them up on YouTube. The weather here is so perfect that they don't even have any heating or cooling in this building they just leave the windows open all the time. We haven't seen any bugs either its kind of wild. In fact some of the windows don't even have glass panes its like a grate.

We have focused a lot on the Book of Mormon while I've been here and trying to make sure it's the focus of our teaching and every day lives. It's crazy how impossible it is to disprove the Book of Mormon. Some many blessing come from the Book of Mormon and when you read it and I mean truly read it is impossible to be impassive about it. It is the word of God and will guide you each and everyday when you read it.

much love,
Elder Hineman


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