January 3, 2023


Korea Seoul South Mission


Elder Wordell

and a happy new year :))

새해 복 많이 받으세요~~~
That means happy new years in Korean!!

This week was wild. Let me break it down.

- Woke up with a sore throat.
- Led an exchange with a missionary who has been in Korea for a total of 2 weeks. He's really cool. I can perfectly picture 2 week in-field Elder Joey Kent, it's crazy to take a step back and realize "oh I'm already almost halfway done."

- Still sore throat

- Woke up with no sore throat but every other cold-symptom (wasn't covid)
- Ate at an all-you-can-eat oyster restaurant. It was my first time having oysters, and I actually loved it!!
- Had a really miraculous member-referred lesson with our Branch President's 3 awesome friends. It was such a cool environment, I haven't been able to teach a lesson like that in a long. time. We had a delectable meal in their home, and we had a really cool member-led lesson. It made me SO HAPPY to simply just witness these REAL people passionately and lovingly sharing their beliefs and faith with their friends. Me and my companion were really just the backups, we used our priesthood keys of teaching to give basic teachings of our gospel and to bear our testimonies. The 3 friends were very respectful and receptive, asking many genuine questions, and we left the appointment with another appointment scheduled! They're like "let's meet again, wanna make dumplings together?" That was a miracle. Everyone knows dumpling making is the #1 key to conversion. Mmmm

- Still sick but less
- Lots of planning and other fun things that you would love to hear me go into detail about (mmm, weekly planning mmmm, missionary trainings mmmm, areabook cleanup mmmm)
- Two English appointments, lots of love

- Less sick
- So there's this guy named So-Bean ( 소빈) and he's the coolest. I spent Christmas night with him last week and now New Years Eve with him. He's an artist-and-livng-life-to-the-fullest connoisseur,, and he's ma best friend. After some very incredible food, tea time, and guitar time (he played 6 songs, each one was in a different language (English was Country Roads by John Denver)....he's crazy!!), we had a quick but really powerful lesson where we gave him his own copy of the Book of Mormon. We were very excited to give him a copy because he's religious and very into religious texts and living life according to God's will. We have the greatest hopes and so many prayers that he will find even more joy, in fact, the greatest joy, with this book, in addition to his life already. We ended with warm prayers and warm hugs...... there is a REALLY funny and unforgettable thing that happened this night also,, but I don't want to spoil it. If you really want to know, lemme know.

- Just another day full of smiles and spiritual rest :)

- Maybe 3-4 times a year we have all days preparation days for deep house cleaning. Today, our reward after cleaning was going to 목욕탕 (Korean bathhouse). In addition to how amazing it feels (seriously!! it's amazing! I'm going to be traveling to LA Korea town every weekend after my mission if that's what it takes to have my Korean bathhouse),, we met a really cool man who was like "oh, I know you! I met with missionaries like you 30 years ago." And that was really cool! And what was even more cool was he then said, "hey I actually have an English interview tomorrow, but I'm kind of cramming for it last minute. Do you think we can meet tomorrow and you can help me practice?" And we said well of course! And then, like you do in Korea, he goes "Great! You wanna get dinner? My treat. Yes, I literally just met you (in a bathhouse too), but I'm going to take you to get Korean BBQ and ramen"....AHHHH so generous!! And so crazy cool! No coincidence that he met us right when he was in the middle of a jam for this English interview. It was amazing to meet him, such a wonderful guy. And now we're friens :))

These days I've been really,, really poor at responding to your emails. I'm really sorry. I've been trying to slowing respond to all of them. But if I don't respond, please know that every one you send makes me SO happy and feel So loved, So thank you So much <33 And I hope you have a different week. God is real. (That voice in your head saying you can't do it is NOT God!! And He is literally routing for you!! And He's aware of every effort you make, and He's willing to forgive every mistake.
This year, let's make sure to start fresh, so free yourself of all that baggage. I promise life will feel lighter, and your breathes will be more refreshing 💙💙


- paintings of Christ I like (one is a mural outside a church)
- beautiful countryside
- literally the best appetizer I've ever eaten (toasted French bread, eggplant and tomato sauce, arugula, and fresh strawberries)
- eating this entire pot of oysters


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