December 27, 2022


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Elder Wordell

The Christmas BULLET

Merry Christmas!!

You know when you're playing Mariokart, and you're fighting for first place. You're getting bonked around, you use the mushrooms but you keep hitting the wall, you're getting passed, and you get zapped right before you use a star, and then you get squished, and then you get hit off the edge, and then you're in last place. It is hard to describe the emotion of being in last place on mariokart. But you get your item box, and what is it?? It's a bullet. A bullet that let's you let go of the wheel, carries your through, and basically jump starts your energy for the rest of the race!! You're back in the game.
This week was my big bullet week:))
I've never had a week where I was more punched into hyperspace than this week. I'm talking about the zeal of not just being a missionary, but just trying to be the best version of yourself you can be.

And the secret sauce ingredient was: thinking outside of myself, & service; my joy was centered around if others were happy.
Being in Korea, I've been on the receiving side of others acts of kindness so much. And whether it was little things (like today, I was at a convenient store buying something, and the cashier noticed my glasses were foggy because of my mask, and so he handed me a tissue to wipe my glasses. I thought that was so cute! No one has ever done that before), or big things (like today, we met as a zone for a Christmas activity, and the senior missionaires made the biggest Christmas lunch ever!! Sooooo much expensive fruit, an entire salad (salad stuff hardly exist in Korea), the warmest rolls, mashed potatoes, and the most tender American style meat I've had in, well, a year. Every missionary in our zone is from America, and I thought it was so thoughtful that they wanted to give us a classic American style meal to bring us a little taste of home. I was so touched)....big things and small things just make people SMILE!!! It sure makes me smile.
And so I wanted to give some smiles back.
This week the focus was completely honed in on giving gifts for everyone who makes us smile. That's a lot of people, but it was so important to me to not let a soul go by without knowing that we loved them, and we think of them, and we want them to feel appreciated and cared for.
I've been stuck inside my head for a while these days, but this bullet week really helped me see what its like outside of the fog :)) it's so clear, the air is brisk and fresh, and it makes me want to skip and sing as I walk!

I want to talk about one really special experience that has really helped strengthen my faith in this work. On Christmas Eve, we met with a less active convert and his non member mother for a wonderful and warm lunch appointment. We love this member so much, he's been such a good friend. But he's been missing out on so many blessing by not coming to church and having the Sacrament. Every week he would tell us he'd be coming to church, but it was just empty promise after empty promise. My companion was really exhausted and struggling to think of what more we could do to help him rise up a little more to make that step. While we were talking, a scripture entered my mind.
Alma 31:5 - "And now, as the preaching of the word had a great tendency to lead the people to do that which was just—yea, it had had more powerful effect upon the minds of the people than the sword, or anything else, which had happened unto them—therefore Alma thought it was expedient that they should try ✨️the virtue of the word of God✨️.”
The Virtue of the Word of God has a greatest tendency to lead men to do good more than any other thing. So even though we felt weak in how WE could help him, the promise is that the "Word" is the greatest tool to allow the Holy Ghost to touch the heart of every soul.
And so we went. And it was so lovely. We laughed and smiled so much, we exchanged gifts, they had a fantastic cake. And before we left we just read the nativity story in Luke 2 all together, like a lil' family. And we had a simple discussion, and bore simple testimonies. And we left a very warm home.
I couldn't believe it when I walked in the chapel and he was sitting there ❤️❤️

I love you so much!! Thanks for reading! And I hope you had a most marvelous and warm Christmas :)) I miss you SO MUCH!!! Are you kidding me?? But I love you so much and hope you have an absolutely fantastic week 💖💖

- last week with Kim BoYuns family!!! They visited 남원 by driving 2 hours!!! Can NOT believe it what the heck
- pictures from shoveling manure last week
- last preparation day where we climbed to the top of a mountain 👀
- fun pics with friends and in the snow
- Christmas zone service activity of singing carols, sticker boarding, giving out gift bags and hot coca
- my previous comp, Elder Campbell, dressed as Santa


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