December 14, 2022


Korea Seoul South Mission


Elder Wordell

✨️I am a Kimchi Connoissuer✨️

◇ On Saturday morning I did 김장! Kimchi making season!! Which is a HUUUGE deal in Korea!! It was a mega honor to get to experience this yearly event with other Koreans. It's wild. Literally a GINORMOUS cauldron of Kimchi sauce and you just go ham (wild) on lathering that stuff all over about 10,000 heads - and huge heads at that - of cabbages. In Korea, the cabbage man sells well 👀 - shout out to my omma, I'll be ready to make kimchi with you and sister Wilcox :)
◇ On Saturday, with 4 other missionaries, we did a really sweet Christmas caroling activity!! We set up a lil' table, full of cute Christmas trees and lights, a lil' nativity, some pamphlets, and 6 elders and a member singing some songs to the folks. Even though it was night time and so cold (at one point it started raining) I was just too happy and bouncy to care. I didn't even care that we were virtually singing to a GHOST TOWN hahaha buuuut later we contacted some friends we know and sang to them individually. It was so sweet ^^
◇ A new person we met last week (a man in his 50's) offered to treat us to dinner. At the beginning of the meal, he asked if it was ok if he drank, we said that was ok. Long story short, very unforgettable memories with that later drunk man.
◇ Transfer calls came aaaaand me and my companion are still serving in Namwon!! It's the cutest most charming city in all of South Korea!!! I'm so happy I'm not leaving, especially since I'll get to have CHRISTMAS here!!
◇ And just having a lot happy meetings and appointments with people, talking about Jeus Christ and why His birth is so's really delightsome ^^

Ok 분, I love you, more than a million snowflakes ❄️❤️☃️❄️ thanks for tuning in, it means a lot ^^ I miss you tons <33

✨️✨️John 8:12 + 3 Nephi 18:24 + Matthew 5:16✨️✨️

- Service Activity from last week
- pretty sunset while driving in mountains
- silly kid pic
- 김장!!
- Christmas caroling set up
- Setting up a mini visitors center in our branch
- a painting of the angels and sheperds from the nativity that I love


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