November 17, 2022


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Elder Wordell

The Rescuer

Hello!! So you liked my new coat? Well, thank you kindly. You look very dapper and well polished yourself ma frien :))

On Sunday I gave a talk about making Jesus Christ the center of our lives, and since preparing for that I've noticed that life is just so much more secure, concrete, and simply more joyful and clear the more our focus is on Jesus Christ. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but very recently I've become the new head of the English Connect team in our mission, which means anything involving how we use English class in missionary work: I'm the main guy, or at least I'm supposed to be. Also, in Korea, teaching English is literally how 80% of missionary work progresses. So, I was really kind of overwhelmed about this new responsibility. HOWEVER, in a training for this new assignment, they taught a really great & simple principle. They showed a really beautiful painting of Christ by J. Kirk Richards that I'd never seen before, it make me just feel really good inside. And they said that as you go forward it might feel like you've got a thousand things to think about and focus on, but really THERE IS ONLY ONE THING TO FOCUS ON, and that's JESUS. Through Him, He will help YOU with whatever your next task is. Isn't it so very comforting to know that EVERY problem in life can be resolved like this! "Oh, what do I do? Well, let me focus on Christ" and then the Spirit enters your heart and your pondering and your mind and spirit are turning wheels and POOF. Something like that.

I also got the chance to share a poem I wrote a long time ago back in high school. I thought about it when writing my talk, and I wanted to share it with our branch. With the wonderful help of my Korean teacher, we were able to translate it into Korean. I was so happy because it was really really meaningful to share it with these people. The poem about the story of Jesus reaching for Peter's hand when he was drowning in the sea. The Savior always reaches our reaching. (Hymn 129 V.3 - Where Can I Turn For Peace) It gave me a great opportunity to reflect on my life over the past few years and see just how far the Lord has carried me, and reflect on how He continues to Rescue me, and continues to reach my reachings.
PRECURSOR, this "poem" is really simple, most of the meaning is not in the words but the reality of what the Savior does for us and how His Rescue can change our lives forever. And to end this email, I loved to share that poem with you :))

The Rescuer

I need air
I'm trapped under the surface
The waves are unforgiving
That's why I stretch my arm to the Savior
He frees me

I wrote this humble poem during a really difficult time when I was in high school.
But now, looking back at that time, I can see just how far I've come, and how now I'm able to do missionary work in Korea, and how I'm now able to share this same poem (in Korean too!) with you, and I can't describe what that feels like!
Since the time I wrote this poem, I can now look back and see how Jesus Christ has been my Rescuer, and continues to be; His arm is always stretched out to me. Without Him, I wouldn't be here.
And I sincerely know He is reaching out to you too 💜💫

Have a delicious week ma frien :))

P.S. it's not on theme but THIS WEEK I PLAYED THE DRUMS!!! it was soooo fun!! I was talking to this cool Korean guy outside his drumming studio, and I was like, "I actually used to play drums" and he was like, "well come on inside let's see your stuff". So, that was super fun!
I'll get photos of that hopefully next week.

This Weeks Pics:
- Korean poetry
- street snack
- traditional music and dance performance on the street
- pictures of Christ previously mentioned


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