November 9, 2022


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Where Am I??

Korean lesson: chingu (친구) means friend. So,
Hi chingu ^^

This week I MOVED!! Really far away!! But I love it here!! It's called NamWon (남원) and it's country vibes with a quaint downtown area, and the Fall colors are immaculately dispersed wherever the eye can see 🍂🍁

On my last day in OnYang I had lunch with probably my two favorite Koreans (who practically have the same name) Brother Kim BoYun and Sister Kim BoYoung. After a really fun lunch we bought ice cream and ate while sitting on a cute bench. It was a simple memory I'll keep forever <33
That final night we had an English lesson with a super fun 8 year old, his name is Ha Ee-Joon (하이준, pronounced "hi june"), and since I was leaving he gave me a gift...A POKEMON CARD!!! That's when I knew that I was supposed to serve a mission 🥲

For transfers, I woke up at 5:30, walked to the subway together with my companion, said goodbye and rode the subway to a train station alone, then tried to not die and get on the right train. It was super fun, I was on a KTX train, which is like a bullet train, it's low key boujee. I was there for 1.5 hours, watching the fog drift in and out of the green and red hills....the studio ghibli vibes are real here. The whole time I just journaled, reflecting on the past 7 months, and how I'm about to take a step into another wonderful chapter.

My first day was fantastic. We did a lot of street contact/site seeing. It proved to be of benefit to missionary work because we met two young men from Shri Lanka and had lunch plans with them after our conversation. So cool. So Namwon is small but still has really cool sites. One in particular is this really famous garden centered around a famous Korean legend that is basically Korean Romeo and Juliet. And it is ✨️serine✨️ We also then met with our legendary ward mission leader, and he reminds me a lot of my grandpa, so passionate for missionary work and helping the missionaries always remember their incredible purpose and responsibility. We went to another beautiful place with traditional Korean structures. I think Asian architecture is the coolest ⛩️🏯

We've met with really sincere and awesome people. The accent is a little funny but not too bad. On Saturday we worked on a members' farm and helped lay pipe and plant garlic seeds! So meaningful that they trusted two white 19 year olds to plant their seeds, it's a very important task. I pray I didn't cause them to have a garlic drought next season.

The branch is really small. There were 13 members at church this Sunday. Most members are older than 50, but it's still awesome. Because the numbers are so low, I have 2 new really awesome responsibilities in the branch. 1) I am the new pianist!! I love it, playing piano makes me so happy, and playing it for the purpose of helping others makes me even happier. 2) they didn't come this week, but there is a family from not-Korea that is living here for a few months, and the family has a Korean mother and an American father, and 3 really amazing daughters. Because they speak English, guess who the primary teachers are? 🙃 저요 🙋‍♂️ I'm so excited!!

On Sunday we also took a 30 minute hike to do studies in the mountain at this absolutely unreal giant Asian gazebo lookout. It's also ABSOLUTELY FREEZING NOW!!! So I started wearing my new big winter coat (fun fact I got this coat for free from another missionary, and it is my favorite things ever, look at the pictures hehe). But watching the sunset was was joy inducing 🌄🌏

So, last week I was pretty sad to leave, but this place is amazing. And I already knew it would be. Korea is fantastic, learning the language is a wrestle but really satisfying. And, there's amazing souls here. I know I will remember these days till the eternities. That's kinda cool :))

Alright, thanks for talking!! You're a legend and a half, and you make me SMILE!! Have a lovely week my lovely chingu 🌟❤️🌟

- Halloween from last week
- final OnYang pics
- the garden
- a new chingu
- Sunday hike


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