October 13, 2022


Korea Seoul South Mission


Elder Cambell


Sorry about last week. It was really crazy last Monday, but I'll do my best to quickly talk about the past 2 weeks :)

Last week was really busy with a lot of traveling. Tuesday and Friday were basically full day travel days for both a zone conference and for a super super awesome training. The training was by PJ Rodgers, who is a professor at BYU-Hawaii. He is super good at Korean as years ago he served here as a missionary. He was really funny and he made me want to learn more Korean, and specifically to make it more fun. At zone conference the biggest thing I learned was to let go of any doubt and fear and just talk to people. Easier said than done, right? So I was really wrestling to overcome that fear. Well I keep learning over and over again that it's pretty hard to overcome fear and doubt if you don't truly believe in yourself. So I've had to relearn how to believe in myself. I've had to start purposely thinking positively again, and saying encouraging things to myself. And most importantly, I need to truly believe that God is in this with me. After that, there is no more room for fear. My previous mission president's wife said this line that I really like:
Fear knocked
Faith opened
But no one was there
A scripture that really touched my soul was Mormon 9:27 - "Doubt not, but be believing."

Monday I had a really fun preparation day of traveling to Cheongju to meet up with the other Elders. We went hiking, saw a lot of amazing memorials, and then ended with going to a crazy dog, cat, racoon, and meer cat Cafe. What the? Can you believe that's a thing?? So yeah, I pet a meer cat, cross that off the list.

I've heard a lot about General Conference from your emails! It sounds like it was amazing. Because I'm 15 hours in the future compared to Utah, I've been slowly watching it over the past week rather than watching it all on Saturday and Sunday. We were supposed to watch one of the sessions at church yesterday, but they canceled last minute, sadness. But Elder Campbell and I still watched it :) even in Korean haha

The most unusual but exciting part of the week was that on Wednesday at a nearby university there was a FESTIVAL!! We thought it would be a really good finding opportunity, and we talked to like 100 people. We also contacted a member and a teaching friend who are students there and spent the evening with them too. The festival had so many food trucks, fun games, and live music. It was a really fun atmosphere, and i'm sure if I wasn't a missionary I would've been partying with everyone else, but right now my mindset is different I guess, and my favorite part honestly was just talking to other people and telling them what we do here :) we saw a lot of neat miracles that night that's for sure :) sadly I was so distracted by all the fun that I took like 0 photos ㅠㅠ

Thanks for tuning in! Have an utmost spectacular evening my friens 💜💫

John 14:18
I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.


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