October 4, 2022


Korea Seoul South Mission


Elder Cambell

Quick Update

Hello everyone!!
Greetings from Korea Seoul South Mission - Today was really fun but also really crazy!! AND.....since I don't have much time this is just an update the I am alive and doing very well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Conference weekend! Conference weekend is a time where we are reminded of the love our Heavenly Father has for His children as He speaks to us through the mouths of living prophets and apostles. If you are interested in finding more peace, joy, light & truth in your life, go visit for talk summaries from October 2022 general conference.
I'll see you next week -

-Some context to the photos:
We went to a raccoon cafe that included dogs, cats, and Meerkats!! I had heard that this city has a lot of animal cafes and I wanted to go to the most exotic one, so this was my P-day pick for the four of us. It was pretty cool!
We also went on a really cool hike with great views, Korean monuments, and Budhist Temple as well.
This P-day was also Korea's National Founders day Holiday, which recognizes the founding of the Korean nation, dating back to 2300 B.C. (about the time of Abraham)


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