September 25, 2022


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Elder Cambell

Cello Magic and Living in K Drama Land

Hello wonderful people!! *insert world's most incredible secret handshake*

Writing this weekly email is always a rush. I have no structure, no plan, no clear idea of how I should write it. And then out of no where I finish it and im like "that wasn't half bad" but I promise you it's not because I'm writing it. Someone else is guiding me I guess ;)

This one I promise will be really short.

We had tranfer calls aaaaaaaaaand I'm still staying in Asan!! With Elder Campbell still! And 여러분 far on my mission I have only been in Asan, I've been here for over 5 months, and I'm staying for 6 more weeks!! Who knows! I might be here till the new year AHHHH but I don't have much to complain about. The people in this branch and the people we find and teach give me so much immaculate joy, it is truly my favorite thing ever 😊😊

On Friday I got new glasses!!! And man is that a humbling experience, trying to have an eye exam IN KOREAN!?!?! Are you kidding me?? Finally the man in English goes "what's more clear, one or two??" Hahaha he was so patient.

On Tuesday I did an exchange with Elder Osborn, who is an artist with the cello and carries it with him wherever he goes. And I had the absolute joy of getting to serve with him for a day. At one point we walked past my favorite place in Asan, this incredible river pathway with the most perfect willow tree in the whole wide world. And we take 20 minutes and he sets up his cello and he's just playing the most beautiful music ever for everyone to hear. It was so heart warming to see the sweet sweet Korean grandmas and grandpas walking by to stop and listen for a moment :)) later that night we visited a members house, and their son also plays the cello. So we had a beautiful concert of the 2 playing church songs together. At the end we shared a spiritual thought and said that God has blessed us all of us with such incredible and beautiful and (so importantly) personal talents!! And with those talents we truly can share the Light of Christ!! In this world of growing darkness, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!! Shine in your own unique beautiful way please!! The Lord and the world is counting on it ❤️💫

You're all so incredible and wonderful!! I wish I had the chance to spend just one day with each one of you just like I did with Elder Osborn, that would be so fantastic 💜 maybe after the misison...who's down to go on a one day trip to Korea in 2 years?? ^-^

✨️Have a most exquisite day✨️

- cello time
- members house
- with my Korean mom Bo-Young Kim
- new glasses check
- food mmmm
- crazy preparation day where we walked to a "fortress" but after literally forever of walking led to these stone stairs that led up to a FENCE!! Soooo heart broken ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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