August 31, 2022


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Elder Patterson

The Parable of the Lame Man at 7am

Greetings happy people!! Let me set the scene, it's a cozy cloudy grey day, I haven't been outside once yet, and I'm listening to some rad classical piano music as I type this email with my phone setting on my scriptures, leaning against my hydroflask, with my foldable bluetooth keyboard click-clacking away as fast as Chopin is dancing around on the piano. I haven't eaten all that much, I've become addicted to this new gum and I'm convincing myself that it's food, especially considering how we have a virtually empty 냉장고 (fridge, that was for you Sister Mueller).

What week is this? WOAAAAH 여러분 I just discovered this was my 30th week!! Tha'ts a pretty fun milestone! But yeah, 30 weeks!! That's quite some time, and about 21 of those glorious 30 have consisted of me living in the same area. So, please forgive me if I say, "This week feels like a fog."

hahahah ok after reading through my journal to stir my memory, I just remembered a really funny moment that paints a pretty good picture of some moments this week. One morning, I woke up feeling like an absolute rock. You know the feeling. And as I'm struggling to get out of my yo (that's my sleeping pad), I go to stand up, you know, like you do. But PRANK!! I collapse to the floor!! And I'm so confused. Like a crazy person I try the same thing 3 more times expecting different results and each time I fall to the ground. Finally, after 4 attempts, my brain turns on and I realize my legs are ASLEEP STILL!! I've never had this happen before, and it felt so weird!! I was trying to lift my whole body with just my arms and the whole time my super loud BTS alarm is going off. Finally after 2 more minutes pass, I get the strength to slowly waddle out of the room, turn off my alarm, collapse on my knees again to say a morning prayer, and go "....well that was an eventful start wasn't it Heavenly Father?" After that I throw myself onto the reclinable gamer chair, and fall asleep for another hour.

Yeah, 가끔 그래요, it happens sometimes.

Last week Sister Pickett in my district invited us to keep a miracle journal. I failed to do that this week, but I now feel the need to better record the miracles that happen on the day-to-day basis. My other dear friend, Elder Ben Pinnock, last week talked about one of my new favorite general conference talks, "Spiritually Defining Moments," by Elder Anderson. I'm a big fan of keeping a journal, especially one with a good purpose. I believe that recording special spiritual experiences is so important. And so fun :) Here's an excerpt from Elder Anderson's talk:
"With constant prayer, a determination to keep our covenants, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, we navigate our way through life. When personal difficulty, doubt, or discourgagement darken our path, or when world conditions beyond our control lead us to wonder about the future, the spiritually defining memories from our book of life are like luminous stones that help brighten the road ahead, assuring us that God knows us, loves us, and has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to help us return home. *I'm adding this for someone who might need it* And when someone sets their defining memories aside and is lost or confused, we turn them toward the Savior as we share our faith and memories with them, helping them rediscover those precious spiritual moments they once treasured."
So, at least for me, I thought this week I ought to do a better job at looking for the miracles. Because they're there. I know it. I probably just got a little distracted at times, or didn't recognize them for what they were. I do remember one sweet tender mercy from this week. On Tuesday we had zone conference. I had a very very fun day, I love gettng to catch up with other missionaries. But even though I was having a fun time, deep inside I wasn't doing too hot. And I was praying a lot that I could feel better. Well, I didn't feel completely 180 better after that. But what did happen was 1 missionary who I didn't know very well came up to me and introduced himself, and he had such a light to him that really touched my heart. And all he did was introduce himself and put his arm around me. I know it ain't much, but it's the honest truth to say I came away feeling more warmth inside :)

Ha. Isn't it interesting? While writing this I just thought of another tender mercy this week. And I'm sure if I keep pondering I'll remember all the amazing things that happened. So in this spirit, I invite you all to start a tender mercy/miracle journal. Even if it's only one word, having a record of a daily entries will become a treasured blessing in your life, and these spiritually defining memories will light your way. I believe it will be a treasured item in my life :)

Despite the lack of memory, as always, I'm absolutely loving this mission and I'm so grateful I made the descision to serve a mission. It's pretty amazing to see what happiness is in store when we help gather Israel. So don't forget to help too! Because you play a vital role in the whole thing, that's why you're alive :))

If you're reading this before going to bed, sweet dreams. And have a great week 여러분 <33

- some zone conference pics
- beautiful Asai 🌇
- with our friend Timothy June from Suwon
- new super fun teaching friend and our photo shoot together 📸


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