August 9, 2022


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Elder Patterson

🫂✨️Baptism✨️🫂 ps I ate dog this week

Preface: I'm so sorry to everyone who has reached out lately, I've been so crunched for time I haven't been able to respond, but I pinky promise to respond soon!! I read them all and they make me smile and laugh so much, thank you so much ❤️

Because my long-time trainer is finally being transfered and leaves tomorrow morning, this preparation day has been booked to the max with him spending his last day here. So I'm typing this a lot later than I normally do. Good thing this week is really easy to talk about:

Monday-Tuesday: Elder Patterson sick (not covid)

Wednesday: Recovering, we have dinner with Kim Bo-Yun, his daughters, and his mom! And guess what we ate....DOG!! Cross that off the bucket list ✅️

Thursday-Friday: I'm sick (still not covid)

Saturday: Recovering, preparing for the baptism, and the baptism :))
The baptism for our dearest friend Kim Bo-Yun is a new ✨️core memory✨️ for me 😊😊 seeing how many came to support him, seeing his wife and daughter, seeing how big his smile was, AHHH!! So amazing!! There's honestly so much I could talk about. Baptisms in Korean missions are not as common as they might be for my Latino and African serving friends. This was the first baptism I've been a part of, and the fact that I had the humble honor of being the baptizer made it even more memorable. The event full of brother and sisterhood, beautiful music, warm laughter, delicious food, and tight hugs was the capstone event of my mission so far. It gave me an opportunity to look back on my last 6 months. In the MTC we would recite the Korean baptism prayer everyday in class just for practice. And here I was repeating those same words again in the font, bringing a man, a husband, a father, a son of God, who I love so much, to the covenant path of God where his life will never be the same. I'm so grateful for the guiding hand of the Lord that blesses us with miracles, because it was a miracle that we met Kim Bo-Yun on the street in the first place.
Miracle doesnt mean luck or by slim chance. Miracles are the tender mercies of God that allow events to perfectly collide so that they result in God's intended outcomes, and they come to pass according to our faith and hope. There's a Korean verb I really like. 두다, it means to set/place. 하나님께서는 우리의 삶에 많은 기적들을 두십니다. God places many miracles in our life. God has put the Kim family in my life and I am so grateful and happy to be here with them in this beautiful land of Korea ❤️

Ok I gotta bounce soon. Like I said, thank you everyone for your messages, I hope to have a normal preparation day next week, which will be with my NEW COMPANION!! And sincerely, thank you for your prayers, the quick recovery of mine and Elder Patterson's health was a miracle and allowed a soul to anticipate eternal life!!! 😊

Have a splendid week ma friens :))


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