August 4, 2022


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Elder Patterson

Bathhouse Adventure & Costco With MTC Teacher


So this week was great! But one downside that's happening right now is Elder Patterson is mad sick. Yesterday, we did an at-home COVID test and he was negative, but he woke up feeling like absolute trash today. He's got such a painful sore throat...I'm trying to stay away from it haha #yikes. So this preparation day we've just been inside aaaaaaaaaaallllll day. Pretty fun. Got to finally clean the bathroom floor. Just kidding, still haven't done that.

Ok SUPER SUPER awesome highlights!

- I went to a bath house with our baptism-date friend Kim Bo-Yun.... that was thrilling. If anyone wants to hear about this story, hit me up. But to keep it short, I am approximately 12-15% more Korean because of the experiences I went through. I am becoming more and more at one with the ways of Korea.

- Super fun exchange with one of my favorite missionaries, Elder Fisher. I learned a lot about the Korean language. Specifically 한자 (hanja). Hanja to Korean is the equivelant of Latin roots to English, except way less straight forward and more artistic. It derives from traditional Chinese, and it's really hard to explain quickly but it's super interesting. If anyone's interested, hit me up :) It looks like this stuff 敎 會 感 中 初

- My MTC teacher, Sister Cho, is actually the neice of a member of our branch, and so we spent the weekend hanging out with her and their family!!! Super awesome because the father isn't a member and we've been trying to make an appointment where he can be introduced to the missionaries. Score! And the best part was.....they took us to COSTCO!! Did you know Korea has Costco??? It's the best!! Actually it's super weird because it feels like you're in America, but then there's like TEN THOUSAND KOREANS THERE!!! And it's a madhouse!! Soooo many people. So strange. Also a lot of foreigners too if you can imagine. So like at one point this really big white guy with a Hawaiian
t-shirt walked by, and I felt like I was dreaming. Just like.....WHERE AM I???? Am I in America?? Am I in Korea?? ALSO WHAT ADDED TO THE WEIRDNESS WAS THAT MY MTC TEACHER FROM UTAH WAS WITH US TOO!!!! Ahhhh man that was super fun! What a small world!!

- I gave my first talk in Korean! That was exciting. Even though it was probably hard for them to understand me, it was incredibly fun for me to translate my talk from English to Korean, and then get help from the members in my preparation. One of the biggest helpers was actually the non-member father who went to Costco with us!! Isn't that awesome? So basically I tricked him into reading a talk on the topic of faith and hope in Jesus Christ. haha 농담 농담

For a quick spiritual message, I'd love to share a line from my talk that really resonated with the non-member father: "Another way we increase our faith and hope in Christ is when we experience trials. Trials are opportunities to come closer to God through His Son. Sometimes it's hard to see trials as "opportunities." But God sees trials differently than we do. To us, trials may seem like obstacles and road blocks. To God, however, trials are stairs to Heaven. When we climb these stairs, we come closer to Heaven and we feel Its influence."
I know that through our trials and experiences, we can better understand the Character of God, and we become stronger, braver, and smarter, for when the next trial comes :) It'd be such a shame for any of us to miss out on the growing opportunity from these trials. And here's a crazy idea: if you think you're doing pretty well these days, pretty chill and stress free, wouldn't it be crazy if we prayed and asked, "Heavenly Father, give me this mountain." 🫢 just a thought 😉

Ok! Hope that was a fun read. Sorry if I sound a little more brain-dead than normal, I haven't left this room all day! AHHH kinda going crazy haha. Nah it's not too bad, hope Elder Patterson feels better soon, poor guy. 아무튼.

🫰🫰🫰🫰LOVE YOU ALL!!🫰🫰🫰🫰

- Woody and buzz 🚀
- Kim Bo-Yun drove us out to this really amazing pier area, SO fun🎡
- Dinner with our favorite Kim Bo-Young (not to be confused with previously mentioned Kim Bo-Yun)🍽😇
- Pretty trees🌴
- Costcoooo🛒🌭
- A wall of EXTRA CRUNKY peanut butter🥜
- A fun time with Sister Cho and her family 💯


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