July 26, 2022


Korea Seoul South Mission


Elder Patterson

😶‍🌫️🤍Baptism Date & Bath Houses😶‍🌫️🤍

Hello everyone!! This week was fantastic!! I am fully focused on the work and loving it. I am not spending my quiet moments reliving memories from the past or day dreaming about the future. This week my heart has been invested in the work more than ever, particularly for our favorite family, the Kim family :)
Long story short, 🎉Kim Bo-Yun is on baptism date!!🎉 Long story less short, we were having a very funny discussion in his lovely home. We got on the topic of 목욕탕 or public bath houses. It's very big in Korean culture, and missionaries are aloud to go. But I still haven't had my first experience. So Kim Bo-Yun was talking about us all going together, and he was making a lot of funny comments, and then this thought fluttered in my mind, and I knew I needed to say it. "I'll go to the 목욕탕 if you get baptized." and he said "I'll get baptized if we go to the 목욕탕." Deal. 😤😊
And he wasn't joking! He is in it for the long haul. We met with him 5 out of the 7 days, and one of those 5 days was at church on Sunday. And every time we were together we had the opportunity to hear his beautiful feelings and testimony of things we've taught him. My heart is beyond full 🤍
His baptism date is Sat. August 6, and our hope is that we will be able to set that date for his wife and/or 9 year old daughter, he REALLY wants them to join him :)) he's such an amazing father!!! This is such a beautiful family!! Meeting his wife was amazing!! She's so nice, and super into what we have to teach. There were times where it looked like she was paying more attention than Kim Bo-Yun! The daughters are the most precious children ever!! They gave Elder Patterson and I each a gift the other day, a mask with 🦋✨beautiful✨🦋 stickers on it!! And on Monday we gave them a small picture of a beautiful painting of Christ, it's one of Christ dancing with a young woman above the clouds. When we came back 2 days later, they already found a frame for it 💗🥺 MY HEART IS FULL FOR THIS FAMILY!!! ahhhhh what a blessing this week has been!! And I cannot wait for what the future holds for them 🤍🤍

My parents are in Korea now!! They arrived on Saturday and are already full steam ahead in their assignment in the Seoul mission, such a unique blessing for us ❤️

Sorry for a shorter email than normal, unless you like that better, than youre welcome 😉😚

And lastly,
Such legends such as yourself are deserving of a reward... Hmmm


You get........


🌟The Golden Star🌟

YAYYYY Huzzah!! You get the golden star!! ☺️☺️🥰🥰

Have a 💫delectable💫 week 사랑하는 백성들 <33

- cute mask
- cool Japanese restaurant
- Kim Bo-Yuns wife is an amazing artist
- the precious family ❤️
- rainy neon city vibes
- Pokémon bread as our gift to the girls
- Painting of Christ 🌎❤️🌠🌈


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