June 22, 2022


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Elder Patterson

Tarry a Little Longer 🤍🌌

One year ago yesterday, I graduated high school. It was one of the funnest days I've ever had. Grad night went from 11pm to 5am, I was with my best friends all day. I'll never forget watching the sunrise in the foothills with them all :) It was really emotional for me because I knew the next day I'd be leaving to Provo to start summer term at BYU. Since then I've always thought "I've just finished high school, I'm about to go on a very unknown adventure from here on out. In a year, who knows where I'll be. Who knows where I'll live, who my new friends will be, how I'll be enjoying life. I'll hopefully be on my mission, but the details? An inigma."
The Long Awaited Answer: walking past a bar where a guy came out, coughed up a massive loogy, and then started peeing right there in front of us.
Such confidence.

Just kidding, I mean I'm not kidding about the story, that happened. But I think something more amazing is happening in my life these days :)

This week I did THREE EXCHANGES. All back to back, with soooooo much traveling (if you don't know, an exchange is where for one day you switch companions with someone else in your district, so I got to do missionary work with 3 other amazing missionaries rather than 사랑한는 Elder Patterson, who is my main companion until given further instruction)

I went to a place called Jaecheon. This place is in the middle of no where. I love it. The train ride was the most beautiful thing I've experienced yet. The green hills and raining sky's and cranes flying through the air make me feel like I'm living in a Studio Ghibli movie.
Here Elder Monson and I were able to meet our dear awesome friend Dan Lee, a 34 year old hipster who doesn't know what he's doing with his life but still wanted to drop $50 on getting us sushi and hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts.

I made my first Korean phone call when I was on my 2nd exchange, that was scary. BUT I DID IT!!! Woooooo!! This was on my exchange with Elder Campbell. He came to Korea the same day as me, but his Korean is really impressive, he taught we so much. It's so fun and satisfying to be good at the language, or so it appears so....

My last exchange was with Elder Fisher, who is an absolute legend, I love him so much. We taught THREE lessons together, all went swimmingly well :)) we got Pikachu ice cream from Baskin Robin's, I don't know if that's a thing in America but it's new in Korea haha, and it's AWESOME! They put pop rocks in it, such a beautiful touch.

It's hard for me to know what to say in these emails. Every hour something amazing happens. Or something that was really difficult happens. Or something really annoying happens. Or something absolutely thrilling happens. All these moments are just fun lil learning about experiences. Most are very special and meaningful to me so I like to keep them close to my heart. If you want to know more about what I'm learning, please feel free to reach out :) Ill say a few quick things I guess.

- Meekness was never weakness. There is so much power in resisting the urge to be prideful, boastful, or self aggrandizing
- Language is a fascinating art form, through squiggles on a paper, and noises from our mouth, our hearts can be touched or broken. With great power comes great responsibility
- Through Christ's love and His Atonement, we can forgive and filter out others' imperfections and focus on the intents of their hearts. And likewise, we can forgive our shortcomings and grow our love and gratitude for the Savior
- In Korea peanut butter is really really really expensive. So, my American friends, please cherish your peanut butter..... I really miss peanut butter hahaha
- Being bold is AWESOME! I am not very good at being bold and direct, but there is so much power in being able to communicate respectfully and yet directly. That's pretty cool. Being bold is so important as a missionary, especially when extending invitations to those you teach.

I got off the phone with my parents this morning, apparently people read these emails. That's pretty cool. If you're reading this right now, thanks friend, you a real one :)

Would you please indulge with me as I share "the things of my soul"? Thank you :)
My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon is 3 Nephi 17, which apparently isn't original, but it's the truth so you better respect it buddy. The part that's been on my mind lately is what happens at the beginning. This is during Christ's ministry to the people of the Book of Mormon, and He just finished teaching them amazing things! And then Jesus tells them that he "perceives that [they] are weak, and [they] cannot understand all [His] words which [He] has commanded." So Jesus says He'll come back tomorrow and in the mean time He wants them to ponder and pray about what He taught. As Jesus is preparing to leave, He looks at the multitude, and he "beheld they were in tears, and did look steadfasty upon him as if they would ask him to tarry a little longer with them." And it goes to say that Jesus said, "Behold my bowels are filled with compassion towards you." And He proceeds to bless all the sick and aflicted, and He blesses all the children, and angels come down and minister to them, and they incircle about their children. And their joy is full.
My takeaway from this right now is this: even if we can't understand everything right now, that's ok, it's more than ok. But if we continue to look steadfastly to Christ and His love and wonder, He will bless us with SO MUCH!!! He wants to give us so much!! It makes me so emotional thinking about what this moment must've been like. I can relate so much to these people, who are just begging for Christ to stay, asking if He would tarry with them a little longer. I always want Jesus to tarry with me a little longer. And as I continue to live in accordance to His Spirit (meaning I do good things that don't offend the Holy Ghost), He does :))

Christ loves us so much <33 And I love Him, and that's why I'm doing my best everyday to have every action declare "I believe in Jesus Christ, and I love Him!"

Stay sweet 여러분 💜

Pics include:
- fun day at the ocean pier
- rock n roll in the church
- Sushi with Dan Lee and Elder Monson
- Elder Fisher crying about Pikachu ice cream
- Elder Campbell looking so 아름다운
- The beautiful country side of Jaecheon


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