May 18, 2022


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Elder Patterson

Pilot Episode of My New Podcast🎙️

(Elder Kent sent two audio messages for this weeks email, however it does not look like we are able to attach them to this program - I will continue working on it - they may come via reg. email. He had a really great week with some great stories to share. One thing that he wanted everyone to know was that he is doing great and just how thankful he was too everyone who reached out with heartfelt, encouraging words. He truly felt all of your prayers and love.)
This week's email I decided I wanted to record a voice memo instead. Please enjoy :)

I didn't get to say it but I wanted to share my quick testimony.

I know God lives, and He loves us. As our Heveanly Father, He loves us so much and wants us to have the best in life. Sometimes it's difficult for us to see how our current situation could possibly be for our good. But I know just like a loving parent on earth, God knows what's best for us, and He wants to protect us and for us to have the most joy in life. Through His Son, Jesus Christ, we are able to continue to have this amazing joy after this life. If we continue to try our best everyday, honor our covenants, and keep the commandments, we will live with God again!!!

I know miracles happen. I know pray is real. I know the scriptures are true and bring us closer to God. I know God is hastening His work of Gathering Israel, and that we can all be apart of this great work today. I know that through trials of faith we grow stronger, just like how a small fragile sapling grows into a mighty steadfast tree. It just takes time, and lots of sunshine and water :)) 🌱

Im here to report that I have seen the effect of prayer, and I am so, so grateful ❤️❤️

Love you :))

Our awesome new friend John
1st Birthday Party -Posing
The cafe
Beautiful pictures of view from bus


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