May 10, 2022


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Elder Patterson

Just Keep Swimming 🐟🇰🇷

안녕하세요 여러분 :) guess what? Each and every one of you makes me happy. So give yourself an epic high five for me. Make sure it's crisp. That's an order 😤😤

I can't wait for the day I have a normal preparation day (P-Day). I have 0 time to write emails. Today's preparation day was super super fun though. So don't feel bad about me being busy, because I getting to have great adventures in the coolest country :)

Here are my favorite highlights of the week:
- Tuesday we met with a super hip 28 year old teacher. His name is 오은식 (oh eun-sheek). He bought us tea from Jeju Island. He doesn't have a religious interest, more like he has an interest in us. He wants to understand why two 19 year olds would choose to leave their homes and family for 2 years. That's pretty cool. He served in the military with the US so he knows really good English, I love it when that happens haha. We had such a cool conversation. At the end he was like "I know you guys can't smoke, but... Maybe I can smoke and you guys can chill with me?" he sounded so confused, like, what do I do with these guys? Haha, we have plans to meet again this week :)
- Thursday, had exchange with Elder Do, one of my favorite humans on the planet. We had a BBQ with some members, it was so so nice. Koreans just give you all the food they have basically. They want us to eat it all!!! Also they're property was so pretty ✨
- Friday I rode the bus for 45 minutes and I held a conversation with a Korean high schooler the entire time!!! My companion didn't say a word, I thought he was being really frustrating at first, then I realized "oh, this is a test." The guy was super nice. I only understood like 10% of what he was saying, he really likes busses for some reason haha. We talked about religion for a bit and I pulled out a Book of Mormon and we talked about it for a bit, he wasn't very interested. BUT!!! Huuuuuge accomplishment for me:))
- BYU Ambassadors came to Korea!! They are a singing and dancing group from BYU. It was one of the funnest nights ever. our recent convert 이주행 (ee (or Lee) ju-haeng) and his sister came. Their songs and dances were so so fun. Koreans are a super fun audience too, really emotive and they love to clap along and go WAAAA when someone does a flip or when the girls dresses are really pretty. It was also really cool to talk with the cast :))
- Today was super fun. We got together as a district, and we went to a really really cool underground bowling alley, and a board game Cafe?? Whaaaa who does that? Really hip and fun :))

Even though I feel so much joy everyday, I've been having a real battle with my mental health these days. My days have never been more up and down. Riding the highest waves, just for another wave to come crashing down on top of me.The mornings and nights are the worst. I can't sleep. Actually, I've been sleeping a lot better than last week, but last night was the worst sleep of my misison for sure. I woke up at 3:30 and was up till 6:30, 30 mins before we have to wake up at 7. I guess my mind is just super awake.
During moments of deep meditation and prayer, I have totally felt my Heavenly Father's love for me. He says "just focus on today, and do that everyday. And you are sure to win the prize."

Sometimes it's really hard to convince myself to keep going. Everynight I think about being on my mission for 21 more months and it makes me want to throw up sometimes. But I'm reminded of why it's all worth it when I'm serving others :)) truly, that's the gospel truth. I know its hard right now and that it feels like the future is so exhausting and long, but I know these are some of my best days. The bad moments make me appreciate the good moments even more :)) My favorite scripture right now is Alma 32:3 - "... And this is the blessing which hath been bestowed upon us, that we have been made instruments in the hands of God to bring about this Great Work." 🤍🤍

Alright 여러분, I think that's about all I can fit in right now. I'm sorry if this email was a little more honest than normal. Don't worry too much, I honestly feel really good most of the day, I'm just not feeling too hot at the moment I guess. But I know the Lord is walking this road with me, He has proven it time and time again, so why should I fear?

Love you all ❤️❤️


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