April 12, 2022


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Elder Patterson

Besides Being Jeltlagged, I'm Pretty Fantastic (Week 11)

*Note that the BLUE link at bottom of email is a link into Elder Kent's Home Page
Also, the mail system in Korea is very reliable and a letter ships for $1.30 - they have Global Forever stamps, or you can use regular stamps that add up to $1.30. USPS says that it takes anywhere between 3-6 BUSINESS DAYS.

안녕하세요 제 친구들!! Hello my friends!! Today is my first email from Korea!! Pretty cool or whatever :)) I love love love it here already!! I love my incredible mission presidents, the Sargent. I love my new mission companion, Elder Patterson. I love all the sweet 할머니들 (grandma's). I love riding on buses, subways, and trains. I love the strange city I'm living in right now, 아산시. I love passing by children, and once they see Americans they go "hello handsome!" I love the food!! I love that my bed is a pad called a 요 (yo) and we just sleep on the floor. I love that the shower head is hooked up to the sink. I love CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!! I love that the sun is out. I love walking around the streets and being in awe of this new land I'm in. And I love being a missionary :)

The past few days have been a total blur. We left the MTC Thursday morning at 2:30AM!! And then long story short I landed in South Korea at 3:30PM on FRIDAY!! My body is very confused. The flight was actually awesome. The crew was so so so sweet, and I made some new friends who were on board with me :)

The first day was so exciting and also overwhelming, especially since I was barely conscious. The buildings are GIGANTIC in the bigger cities. So many people live in this small country. They were building tons of giant apartment buildings that could fit hundreds of thousands of people, and since no one lives in them yet, it was super spooky actually to see this abandoned mini city of giant buildings.... If any of you are familiar with "pictures that look strangely familiar" it was that kind of a vibe.

I've only been here for a few days, but I've already had an appointment with a teaching friend, and I love him. His name is Jarek, he's 21, and he's a magician!! And a good one too. It's also dope because he speaks really good English so I can actually understand what's going on. He's been friends with the missionaries for a while, and we really hope he comes to church this Easter, his faith is so strong, he's just also really busy. That's how most Koreans are, it's hard for them to give up an entire day of work to go to church. But he's been struggling with some really hard mental challenges, and he's in a rough spot. But at the end of our meeting, he goes, "I always just feel happier when I'm with you guys, and my problems don't feel as big." We're praying and hoping that his desire to have this light will grow, and that he'll find a home in the Church :))

The missionary work here in Korea is outstanding! There have been many baptisms, and we're finding many people to teach. So it's a very exciting environment :)

I wish I knew that I could be a missionary before putting on this name tag. Especially with the new conference talks out, I pray that all the members, including myself, will grow in courage and love as we work towards gathering Isreal, 오늘!! Today!!

I love you all, your prayers have guided me safely to this wonderful land. The field is white 🤍🤍

Kent 장로
View from our Church
Yummy food
Beautiful spring blossoms and green walking parks
Me and Elder Patterson
President and Sister Sargent
the freshly off the plane Elders in President's home
Blossoms out my apt window
The Church's sign
My Subway/Bus pass
the crew on the flight over to Seoul
My friend from Eagle-ran into him@ the MTC - Elder Johnson


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