March 22, 2022


Provo MTC


In 17 Days, I'll be in Korea....for 22 more months

Elder Kent's email:

I don't know how the time flies so fast!! This week was really amazing. My faith has been tried and tested so much, it's really nuts going from spiritual high moments to feeling really lost and confused 3 hours later, and then feeling peace again 2 hours later, and then the cycle repeats, like 4 times a day. Elder Monette, our solo missionary going to LA Korean speaking, left Monday morning, really sad but we're all so excited for him. He was such a good influence to me.

It's really nuts to think that I'll be in Korea in 2.5 weeks!!! I do NOT feel ready at all. There are days in our language classes where I feel like I've forgotten everything I've learned. It's really scary honestly. But, I also know that the Lord is with me, and through Him, all things are possible. And this mission isn't about me, it's about my friends in Korea, and God. God's Spirit is what will touch these people's hearts, not my own works alone. But I'll tell you what, having this opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hand is something truly, truly, special. I'd say my joy is full :)

A lot of times I catch myself thinking "I'd be such a better missionary if I was English speaking." BUT who am I to question God's will?? The Creator of the Universe, with His Infinite Wisdom, has a wonderful plan for me, even though I can't see it, I have faith that I'm walking down the right path. Like walking through a valley, I'm in its shadows right now, but the sun is just around the corner :)

I love you all, feel free to reach out anytime. Keep doing YOUR best; not someone else's best, but yours. And good things will happen. Take care folks.

Pic.5 I love this painting of Jesus by, Artist Yongsung Kim
Pic 4. The Elders being sneaky
Pic. 3 The district
Pic. 2 The Elders
Pic. 1 Elder Monette's send off


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