February 26, 2022


Provo MTC


A Week Full of Tender Mercies

This week has been scattered with tender mercies and really amazing experiences.
My relationship with God the Father has grown exponentially over the past week, and the spark for my new appreciation came from Jeffery R. Holland's "The Grandeur of God." I strongly encourage you to find 15 minutes in your day to listen to this.
On Sunday, I had the special privilege to give Sister Pickett (a Sister in my district who inspires me everyday) a priesthood blessing of comfort for her anxiety. I can testify that the words that came out of my mouth were not mine, but God's. As priesthood leaders, we are able to be vessels of God, and I know the thoughts that came in my mind and heart were not my own.
Our Tuesday devotional, we had Jean B. Bingham, the General Relief Society President of the Church, speak to us. It was really special, especially because at one point she was asking missionaries in the audience to share their favorite scripture. I raised my hand and got to share with everyone a scripture that has meant a lot to me lately: D&C 6:23 "Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?" Two days later, I got an email from my mom of what she saw while reading Deseret News. Can you guess what she saw? Yours truly :)) It sounds like that picture has made my family really happy, which makes my heart rejoice.
On Wednesday, our district along with the Mandarin speaking district had the incredibly unique opportunity to leave the MTC campus and go to BYU to assist Elder Marcus B. Nash of the Seventy, where he was giving a devotional about preparing to become a missionary. It was so fun and exciting for our entire district to share this special special evening together, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet with Elder Nash beforehand. It was also an incredible and humbling honor to stand as a representative of the Lord amongst hundreds of students preparing to serve their own mission. BUT! The most amazing cherry on top was that I got to see some of my bestest best friends, Tyler Ashton, Jacob Bingham, and Ben Black!!! WHAT!!! Oh my heavens, people, THIS was a prayer answered. I prayed that I'd find at least one friend, and the Lord gave me 3 of the best :))
I have been receiving so many blessings everyday. Like my companion Elder Howard says, "It's hard to not have a spiritual experience everyday." Korean is super hard, but I'm trying my best. I'm also learning to not compare myself to others, but to compare myself to Elder Kent of yesterday. By this, we can see our growth; comparison to others = pride + misery. This is important for me to remember because, I'll be real, I think I'm the worst at Korean in my district. BUT I always do my best to participate with a smile, even when I feel like crying. I've been getting flashbacks to experiences I had in AP Calc and AP Stats hahaha...oof. For me, learning Korean is like math, it's like a puzzle with lots of equations and algorithms; some days it makes me want to cry, and other days it's really fun and rewarding. I've heard a lot of people testify of the Gift of Tongues, and I believe it's real. I don't know if it's real yet, but I can testify that I BELIEVE!!

Keep doing good everyone out there. I testify that God is aware of all our needs, and as we turn outwards towards others before ourselves, God will bless us with those needs. Strive to grow just a little everyday :)
- Elder Kent
Photos: Yours truly, devo caption, Elder Preece posin', Korean Baptismal prayer, our beautiful view of the snow filled mountains, The District on BYU Campus, Tyler & Jacob (Sorry no pic of Ben), the Squad


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