October 16, 2018


Bacau, Romania


Elder Coberly


Hey guys,

I cant really tell if this week was long or if it was super fast to be honest! I feel like it was both which is weird. This week was a good week though just like every other week! Nothing to crazy happened, just the same ole same ole missionary stuff.

Tuesday we had a weird situation happen, we got a text message Monday night from one of our Investigators wife and she wanted to meet with us out of the blue. Having people text us first and wanting to meet with us just doesn't happen here so we were super excited. Well we met up with her on Tuesday and she came to us just bawling her eyes out. She ended up telling us that her husband beats her and says mean things to her and all this super sad stuff. She came with her 3 kids and they live outside of Bacau. She also wanted money but as missionaries we don't give people money. We felt really bad but there is nothing we could do for her. She wanted to stay in the church and we told her that she cant do that and that she needed to leave. This situation made the whole rest of the day just very weird.

Wednesday we left to drive to Bucurest but before we left, we had a lesson with Fratele . This lesson went really well, we talked to him about Tithing and about him getting his Patriarchal Blessing. We wants to get his blessing, so he will be getting that in 2 weeks because we have a Patriarch here which is a HUGE blessing. When the Prophet of the Church sends a Patriarch here, you know he is thinking of the members here and that they really need it. There are certain expectations the church must meet before you can have a Patriarch here in Romania, like have a stake and stuff like that. Well the Prophet felt right about this and so that is just awesome. Fratele also agreed to pay Tithing, which is just great! He is a Full active member of the Church again which is a Miracle. After the lesson, we then left for Bucurest which took 4 hours. Once we got there, we met up with Elder Miller and Elder Krieger and also the senior couple "The Shurtleffs". We all went out to the hotel they were staying at because they left to go home the next day. They bought us some Ice Cream and had a good time.

Thursday was Zone Conference for us and Elder Coberly and I talked about how we can Use Time Wisely. We talked a lot about daily planning and how we need to be doing everything God has asked us to do as missionaries and how each hour of the day, we need to be doing something productive. When we do all this, we are being Obedient and we see miracles and blessings. It ended up being a good presentation. President Hettinger spoke on Urgency and how we need to be more Urgent in everything we do. Our Zone just is a really good Zone and we all work very hard. It was good seeing everyone in our zone and hearing how good they are doing. I then had my interviews with President and Sora Hettinger and that all went really well! They really love and appreciate me and told me that they consider me as one of their children because I am apparently like one of their sons lol. After the Interviews, I drove to Iasi from Bucurest which is 6 hours! That was a long night! We rolled into Iasi at about Midnight.

Friday we had District Counsel in Iasi and it was really good! We talked about our Investigators and members and how we can better commit investigators to Baptism. Also how we can get those Baptismal dates to actually be baptized. After District Counsel we met up with a member in Iasi and he took us out to Lunch which was awesome! We eventually drove back to Bacau and that was another 2 hours of driving. When we got back to Bacau, we were suppose to have a lesson with Tudor but he bunged us, so we just had a lesson with Andreea who is a member here because she was going to be our member present for this lesson.

Saturday, Nothing went our way and we had to deal with Finances for this dang branch and just took forever. I had to call Salt Lake and solve all kinds of things with them.

Sunday, we had 13 people at church and 4 of them were Investigators. Since it was Fast and Testimony meeting, everyone in Sacrament meeting bore their testimony. Even Tudor who is an Investigator haha. It was a good Sunday overall. Later on in the day, we met with Tudor and started the stop smoking program with him. He also wants to be a member of our church but he moves to England at the beginning of Next month and he is scared his girlfriend that is there will not like that. So he is a little scared. He knows this is what he needs to do but he wants to talk to her face to face about it before he does anything.

That was about it for my week. Nothing to crazy! Next Monday Elder Cook comes to Romania and will be talking to us on next Monday so I have no idea when my Pday will be.

I miss and Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Jacob


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