April 6, 2015


South Tucson, Arizona


Elder Brian

What's UP

Hey everyone!!!

I absolutley hate how this will be the 2nd week in a row where i don't have much time to email..... :( We are goiong to play Mini Golf as a zone soon so...yeah, haha.....

But it was a really good, quick week this week........We had a Zone Confrence, where they implanted "Black Boxes" into our Cars.....yup, our driving is being monitered everytime we go even 4-5 miles over the speed limit, we have an annoying robot voice shout at us, "CHECK YOUR SPEED." It blows, but oh well.....only 3 weeks!!!!!!! Our District (Brian, I, Kienitz, Garcia, and Sisters Lundquist and Garcia) also wore matching clothes per companionship. We were the sickest lookin' crowd at the Confrence!!

Also, we watched all of General Conference at the Stake Center in Sahuarita.....the 6 of us (my district) were the only ones in there so we had a super awesome time! I kinda got the hint when every single talk, pretty much, was talking about getting married. Elder Ballard in the Priesthood session even told us all, as returned missionaries, to not wait to get married.......(facepalm) well...great......hahaha

Honestly, that was my week.....we didn't get to teach many people....Jose Angel might have to wait a week or two just because he hasn't been to church recently (Because of Conference) so no one knows that he is getting baptized and we want to have people we shall see what happens!!! Fingers Crossed!!!!

Love yall and I will see you sooner than you can blink!!!!

Elder Harper

PS. I'll send some pics!


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