December 16, 2014


South Tucson, Arizona


Elder Baker

Hey from the Hood

So yup.....ive been transferred......I left the best place in the whole mission. It was really really hard for me to leave Douglas but I knew that it was time.....

So....I am now in the Sahuaro Branch......which is a huge area!!!!!!! It covers some of Southwest Tucson (the super ghetto part) and Summit....a really small town filled with Trailers....and Sahuarita, which is a bigger town filled with old rich white people (such an odd breed of humans). A few days ago, when I got the call, I was really unhappy....I have grown to love the people of Douglas so much and it has become such a huge but short part of my life!! Time flew so fast! I have spent the last week taking pictures with just about the entire ward...all of my investigators and super close friends that I will never ever forget!!! I cannot wait to come visit!! I pray that the Lord allows me with many opportunites to come visit all the time!!! Who knows, maybe even live there as a Border Patrol agent someday!!!

So I am now in another trio (my 5th)....My Companions are Elder Baker from Northern Atlanta, Georgia, and Elder Teio from Tahiti. Elder Baker is super cool!! He is really sociable and loves to tell stories. I think I am really gonna get along with him! Elder Teio is from Tahiti....he is just your typical....big......Polynesian. He is kinda crazy haha.....I am not too happy to be in a trio but I guess it is what it is.

Well that's all for this week! I will tell you how it goes in my next email!! I love you all so much!!! I would llike to bear short testimony that I know that the Lord does put us in the places we are needed at the right time....even though we may not like it at first....the Lord knows what's up and its up for us to direct us to where he wants us to be and who to love and help!!!! I have loved being a part of the Douglas Ward for the last 6 months...I know that I was needed to be there, so I could learn and grow and meet some extremely special people who have helped me tremendously! I know that by the end of my stay in Sahuaro Branch....seeing the big picture, I will see the reasons of why I was sent here!!!

Love yall!!

Elder Harper


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