February 9, 2015


South Tucson, Arizona


Elder Teio

Manuel's Water Bottle

hello hello everyone!!! THis has been an amazing week!! Elder Teio and I are tearing up hte area and doing the best that we absolutley can!!!!

I dunno if I've told you this, but Elder Teio is a professional boxer. He used to be in huge championships back home and was winning like 300,000 for each match!!!! Well, Elder Teio goes home is July and has a Boxing Match for $300,000 (loser only gets $150,000.....still....) in August, so every night, after we are done working, he goes outside and trains. I have been helping him out. I used this punching pads that he hits. One nightk, he had me put on some boxing gloves and box Teio......HOLY CRAP!!! Boxing is super hard!! haha, but it was fun....I was so exhausted after.
Elder Teio and I are getting along super well!!! We kinda want to stay together until the end of my mission!! Elder Teio said he wants to be my last companion (is it weird that my last companion could be the one I'm with now???)....I guess we shall see....
So Sister Lundquist, also serving in the Sahuaro Branch, is training a new missionary right now....from El Salvador!!! Sister Garcia is super awesome! She doesn't speak any english, so we are always having to speak spanish. This is the most spanish I have spoken on my mission. It is bec oming a ton easier. I love spanish so much!!!!!! It's getting to the point where I am struggling with speaking in english. I am thinking more in Spanish and It is really hard for me to think of words in english. It took me like 10 minutes to remember the word "discount"!!!

Oh so....funny/terrible story......So we were following the sisters to dinner one night (since the 4 of us always eat with the same family) and, well...........SO, this cute little baby bunny ran out right behind the sisters car and was running directly at our car. Elder Teio and I started to scream like little girls (A big Tahitian and a tubby white boy, mind you).....we didn't know if we ran over the Rabbit, so we flipped our car around and drove up to where the rabbit ran in front of us. We got out of the car and started to be like, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHY!?!??!?!?!" .....there was a dead bunny lying on the street. Elder Teio bent down over it and was screaming like a girl, and so was I. We called the sisters to tell them of the horrible inicdent we caused. Right when they answered they were like, "Did yall see the cute little bunny?" We just yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOO" some more. The sisters asked, "DID YOU KILL IT?!?!?!?" We just hung up and got in the car and left.........Yup, I murdered a bunny.....

So Manuel has been doing super great this week!!!!!! HE came to church for all 3 hours!!!!! Woohooo!!!!!! Also, for dinner that night, a member family invited him over for dinner!! After, we brought that member, Brother Mejia, with us to go have a lesson with Manuel. It was a BOSS lesson!!!! We talked about reading, praying, and going to church. Brother Mejia is an amazing missiony member who is so helpful evertime we bring him out! Manuel told us this cool miracle that happened to him that morning. SO, the night before, he put an empty water bottle out on his counter so that he could fill it up in the morning and head to church. When he woke up, we went to go grab his water bottle, and it was already filled with cold water. See, Manuel lives alone, and he did not fill it up. He said, "I dunno if this would be considered a testimony, but I do know that God helped me out! Even if it was something little, I know that that was a sign htat he really needed." We didn't tell him this, but maybe that is God telling Manuel "There is no need to worry, you are ready." I love Manuel and I cannot wait to see how things go with him!!!

So to close off, I just want to share with you a really cool thought that came into my mind last night as we were driving to Manuel's. It may be nothing new to you, but it really gave me the chills........"This is the same work that Jesus Christ and his Apostles were doing when they walked the earth."

Love yall!!!

"Start the Ascension, further up, further in."

Elder Harper


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