September 5, 2017



I'm in the field!

HOLA!! The MTC was good, but i am so excited to be out in the field.
There is so much more to do! We had a 2 hour drive to the president's
house which was so long! How people drive here is crazy- they will use
the shoulder to pass other cars if they are going too slow! it is CRAZY
and to control the traffic speed they just have a bunch of speed bumps
all over in random spots and there are no lines and you kinda play
chicken with cars and see whoever stops first then gets to go it
really is so crazy! At the mission presidents house, which was in the
West mission and it was a really nice house! 26 new missionaries in
the mission which is the biggest that our mission president has ever
received. He said it is usually 2 or 4. It was a lot of missionaries! We had
an amazing breakfast! way better than what is in the Mtc it really was
amazing! The food wasn't bad in the mtc it just was cooked for a ton
of missionaries so it really was hard to make good food i guess. Well
my new companion name is Elder Barron he doesn't know any english and
the rest of the people in my house --2 other elders don't know english so
i am this tall american who knows some spanish. It really is a blessing
though because i know that it is going to help me so much with
learning the language. My companion will teach me spanish and i will
teach him english so i think it is a good trade off. My house is
really small or big idk it feels small to me. We have a small room with
2 bunk beds and i have the top bunk and then we have a room with our
desks and where we hang our clothes and some plastic drawers for some
of our other clothes. It really is a big change in living. I get
1400 pesos a week and i believe it's about 17 pesos to a dollar. It is
supposed to last me a month so i really hope it does. they only really
eat 2 meals here a breakfast, lunch, and an early dinner so that is
different. Our batheroom sink the water pressure is none so just about
nothing comes out when we use the toilet. We have to use a bucket to
help flush the toilet sometimes which is crazy and weird. After I
dropped my stuff off at the house we took a taxi to a members house
where an elderly couple lived with some of there other family. That is
where we had dinner and it was amazing. We had mole it was amazing! and
we also had some cream with bananas for a dessert it really was a lot
of food. After we ate we talked and shared some things out of the
scriptures. The brother told us that he has been working at the temple
for 15 years! that is a crazy amount of time. They were so sweet and
kind to us! After that we did some contacting with some pass along
cards with picture and information about the visitors center at the
temple. I had to say this phrase: Buenos tardes le invito al centro para
visitantes hasta luego and we keep on walking it is very fast and they
usally take one. what i was saying is good afternoon i invite you to
the visiters center. i handed out 9 yesterday i thought i did good! I
practiced a lot with my companion i taught him how to say it in
english. sometimes it gets hard because i know little spanish and he
knows little english and my president said i was going to get
frustrated but i don't think i will because it really just means that i
need to work harder so i can understand and learn the language which i
know that i can do. We did our landury and got food today and the food
was amazing. they were tortas and i bought my first mexican coke which
was amazing! today really has been a good day and it only has been 2
days in the field i will have so much more to talk about as the weeks
go on i miss everyone

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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