November 20, 2018



Don’t fight drunks haha

All night long it was raining so the sun did not come out all morning long and as we were leaving for the District meeting we could see our breath and really it was freezing cold like Utah cold. I thought of the movie Cool Running when Sanka and them get to Canada and walk out of the Airport. And says " Sanka wat ya smokin? I´m not smoking I am breathin! " It was raining all day long and really everyone was dying of the cold and the rain. We had divisions with other elders and I went with Elder Lamb who does not know how to speak Spanish he is just learning and made me remember at the beginning when I could not speak anything of Spanish and look how far I have come! In the mission no one tells us if its going to be the best 2 years or the worst that is for us to choose!
Another day of Divisions!! But now with the zone leaders. We spent all day long looking for new investigators contacting talking with everyone! And wow I couldn’t imagine not being able to contact anyone. I learned so much with contacting and having 30 conversations every day. which has been asked of us and to be honest it’s hard but I know that its doable and God is the one that has asked us and he always has the way prepared for his commandments.
Today we meet a Luchador named Rebelde Rojo who was in movies as a double for Santo. He has a gym here in Mexico and i was able to take a picture with him!! It was epic. I never thought I would meet a Luchador in my life ya maybe he was very old but wow who know there were so many famous people here that i would be able to meet. Today we were going around and contacting and passed the person 3 times that we were looking for without even knowing until we were looking him in his house and someone told us where he was. It was very interesting! God is always guiding us in everything that we are doing because this is his work and no one else work!
Everything went well this week…kind of… haha actually yesterday this very very very very drunk man came up to us and started talking in English and in Spanish. It was hard to understand his English and his Spanish but it was doable at first. There was no problem, nothing was going to happen, he was just talking in English and ya all as normal. Called us his family and all these things talking about the American girls and then I’m not sure what happened after that but he was telling us to go away and he was right in my face he told me to fight him. Well i did nothing and he was just getting worse and worse. We were waiting for an investigator that was showering and he was taking a long time. The drunk man wanted me to tackle him. It was very funny but I could tell and also my companion that he was just getting worse and we were not sure how it was all going to end. Thankfully Julio the investigator came out and he was telling the Man to go away and invited us to go into his house by that time I started to walk for the door The drunk grabbed me and was holding me back from going into the house. He wouldn’t let me pass or my companion. I went around the car and he wanted to follow me and so Julio grabbed him and we were able to go into the house but before that he was saying that he was going to shoot me and all other insults. That was the most interesting story of the week!


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