October 9, 2018



Forgive and forget

Forgive and forget! The hardest thing to do I believe! I love my companion so much haha maybe because he is new and doesn’t know anything! It has been an amazing time being with him. We went to one hermana (sister) named Martha who every time we go loves to cook us something and it is like that every time! She is a recent convert who is becoming stronger and stronger I testify that the Book of Mormon is the best way to convert others more to the Lord. It is the keystone like the Prophets have told us. Also with the family Ramos Santacruz and it’s a family of 6 and been amazing to see all the hard times they have gone through and all the time they have been really blessed. It amazing to see how people change as they really apply the Gospel to their lives I have changed so much being in the mission! Has been the best choice that I have every made! I really have learned to live! haha.
Through Fishing and Finding
Finding new Investigators can be like fishing casting the rod and having faith that there are fish in the lake to be caught and if not we try again and again. The rod can be like our voices opening them so all can hear us and sometimes we don’t find anyone but as we keep on moving forward we catch people’s attention.
Also we can think of it as native fishers and dumb fishers. We can fish in a pond for hours and not catch anything but then comes along a native boy and with a stick and a hook 5 min he has a fish and is off. We can have the nicest things to catch a fish but sometime it will just be knowing where to look or fishing in the right place. As missionaries we are looking and looking but are we looking in the right place. We have to follow the Spirit that will guide us to the place where the field is white.
We went to the Visitor Center in the morning to learn more about it and how we can use it better. I was super surprised when the sister missionaries showed us a Teaching Center where they teach all over the world but online! How amazing is that! They also are working in the visitor center and work in the wards around the visitor center! They do so much work! Yo ha encantado mi misión ha sido el mejor desision que ha tomado en mi vida! Gracias a mis padres quien me ha ensenado mucho sobre el Evanglio! Gracias! Yo ha aprendido muchos cosas y mas sobre como ensenar. Yo sé que este es la iglesia verdadera y que no hay otro en el mundo. Yo sé que Russel M Nielson es un profeta que nos guía y podemos regresar con nuestro Padre Celestial si guardamos los mandamientos que nos ha dado! Te amo mucho! Espero que pronto nos vemos!
My studies today as about Alma 18 really love the way Ammon teaches it’s amazing to see. He is so full of the Holy Ghost and is so able to just ask the most amazing questions. I love studying the Book of Mormon it is amazing and we have so much to learn from it and we will never end!
GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I love watching general conference there is so much to learn! What really called my attention today was the 2 hour church it’s going to be interesting to see the change and it really is going to help us here with our investigators! I am excited for the change but it’s going to feel so short I will not be used to it ha-ha and its going to be a hard but fast change for a lot of people. I am so ready for the new book I know we should study it I know we are going to really build a strong relationship with Christ and our Heavenly Father if we follow the council of the prophets. I saw a lot in the conference about talking upon us the name of Christ and really what does that mean to us. I have really come to understand more of that and having the name of Christ on my chest all day long makes me become a better person! I always have been thinking more about how would Christ do somethings when I am not sure what to do.
GENERAL CONFERENCE PART 2!! I have to become a lot better haha. That’s how I feel after the conference! Funny story after the first session of conference we had to take a taxi and I was sitting in front and of course he asks me "are you guys Mormons?" and I just laughed in my head thinking of the words of the prophet and said "No I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints!" I felt so much power when I said that! I testify that if follow the prophet we will be so blessed! #IamamemberofthechurchofJesusChrist. Also noticed a lot of taking upon us the name of Christ more and more and repenting of our sins, 12 New temples what a blessing! We need to go more!


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