October 2, 2018



Zone Conference

ZONE CONFERENCE! Book of Mormon. Wow I learned so much from this conference was very spiritual! I have really learned to get to things early like church or conferences. Why? We need to prepare ourselves before somethings. And one things really important is sacrament meeting. We prepare from the time we get up in the morning and also with reading the scriptures and also with singing the first hymn and it’s even more important for the ones who will be working with the sacrament. In the conference I gave a talk after 14 months of getting away I finally had to give one. It wasn’t the best but was good haha I was shaking like crazy though! We really need to use the Book of Mormon a lot more in our lives! if we are reading every day we need to be reading more every day! Haha I love repentance because we have the opportunity to change and become better. How are we sharing the Book of Mormon to everyone? How can we do better? What importance does it have for us? We have so much to learn! And we are never going to stop learning. One way that I have been sharing the gospel more is when we talk taxies it’s an amazing time to talk and they always are very interested to know more.
LOVE living with 4 missionaries in the house it is the most amazing thing! We all get along so well. And gets all of the stress that builds up out by the end of the day. Always when I start going through hard time I always go to ether 12:6 or all of Moroni 7 really brings some peace into my heart. The mission can be so hard sometimes. And sometimes it feels like it’s hard and never going to get easy. I am learning so much on how to go through hard problems I am so blessed because all the problems that I may go through the mission will help me when I get home. And time goes by so fast! I started listening to the book saints and its AMAZING shows so many things that I would have never learned about. I can read it but I have been listening to it. If anyone else has the times I would invite everyone to read it.
Trusting in the keys and promises and completing with them can be hard sometimes and I don’t always trust in the promises that some people make. Trust what is trust? How do we gain trust in someone? How does God trust us? In the night we went to pass for a family to go to an activity and we went with a member he asked if we could go with him. With all the rain that has been killing us haha because sometimes the streets are riots and the traffic becomes even worse! Got to the church and the baptism font was just covered in dust! A white font was now brown. Took more than an hour to clean! Still have to go tomorrow to clean it all the way through.
Spent another hour in the morning cleaning and also I was able to finish the Book saints! it’s AMAZING! I learn so much! Spent a lot of the day running around and giving blessings and singing because we are going to sing in the ward conference. Also had an amazing baptism service! It was so beautiful to see and be there. I love seeing how the gospel really changes the lives of others! And also changes my life! Brownies with Boswell 2 I made brownie cup cakes! and called a lot of people inviting them to come to church tomorrow. I also learned that Monday is the Birthday of my companion! His first one in the mission! I tried all that I could do to make it the best we make cake for him and sang!
Yo espero que todos tiene una excelente semana y que Dios bendice! Le amo a todos! Comparten el evangelio con todos! va a ver mucho bendiciones en su vida y también la vida de otros. Siempre hay una manera hacerlo y alguien!


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