September 25, 2018



Rain and more rain

WOW! I never thought it would be so hard training a new missionary there are just so many thing to do and be organized! I know this is going to help me when I am going to have a son ha-ha! It is an amazing opportunity though. He loves the food from México so today he had his first Torta. Torta is a huge sandwich with amazingness inside haha there are no word to explain what it really is! We have been walking and contacting a lot of people we have basically walked all of the area 1 so that my companion can learn the new area we are working in and 2 so we can find people while contacting everyone we see. It’s so amazing to contact and have so many opportunities to share the gospel and get to know so many people. We have all decided that Elder Perez my companion is a big teddy bear! And snores like a bear at night. I got a call from an amazing Elder that I was with for 3 months and it was at the perfect time when I really needed to hear the words he had to tell me. God uses other to bless and Help us! I know that is true! There are living angles today in the world all around us.
LET’S LEARN ENGLISH! We are 3 Americans and one Latino in the house so Elder Perez is really picking up fast on the English! It reminds me in my training when I was living with 3 Latinos and I was the only American. I really learned to talk fast because none of them knew English. Well 2 in the house with Elder Perez know Spanish but we have assigned day of only speaking English to him. I hope he can be speaking at the end of these 12 weeks. In the night we had our NOCHE MEXICANA! Which was the ward activity for the 15 of September. Well with having 6 months in the ward they all know me really well! And was an amazing time for my companion to get to know the members! I love the ward activities they are so much fun here! They don’t end until 11 at night haha because of the dance but we had to be home at 9:30 still was so much fun watching what the members had prepared.
Sometimes it can be so hard to see how families are hear. There is a family who the father never lets the son talk and always has something to tell him to do. I wish some people would let their sons talk. I am learning how not to be when I am a father. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY AND GO TO UTAH!! We are getting a ton of rain in these days where the streets are just floods! But because of the rain some members invited us to eat ice cream. So it was a win win situation. When we got home we did something that I haven’t done for more than a year! MAKE BROWNIES! They were so amazing! i really do miss brownies!


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