September 11, 2018



The Book of Mormon

Our mission is really now taking a HUGE focus on the Book of Mormon! What importance is the Book of Mormon to us? Sometimes in our lives we take it so lightly in our lives when it should be something more important than anything. We have been commanded to flood the world with the Book of Mormon. How are we completing with this commandment? How can we improve sharing the Book of Mormon with everyone in the world.
I have learned so much in the mission and one of the things is that when frustration comes just let it go and do something different. There is never any reason for why we should be frustrated. In this life we have come here to have joy! JOY! That is why we are here as it says in 2 Nephi 2:25. As we were teaching a recent convert she told us with all of her heart and all of her power that God sent us to find her and teach her. I know that the way we found her only was from God. We in his work are really guided by the Holy Ghost and only by the Holy Ghost do we find the ones who are ready to be baptized. As we were heading for the church we had to take the Metro but at this time of night that we were going to the church is when everyone is going home and the Metro was so full! And so as we were waiting for the train my companion and a member got in and i was pushing and shoving to get in and no one would let me in! Right as the doors were about to shut i knew there is no chance that i am going to get in. so as my comp went to the next station i was all alone and it was really weird but thanks to God he sent another train fast and with where i was standing a spot where I was able to get in and get back with my companion that was the exciting story of the week.
I always love when God gives me the chance to serve others. Today we helped a family that lives in a tin house to help paint there door and also i helped to take apart a speaker and we learned that there really is no way to take them apart they are built to never be taken apart. Elias San Miguel Medina Got baptized today was an amazing experience his brother could baptism him. So amazing to see a family becoming closer and closer together.
Took some time to try ha-ha and teach English really I am so bad at teaching but I know God that helps me to teach because he knows that I am so bad ha-ha. Such an amazing opportunity that was to teach some kids English and that what I am doing can really change there lives. and the dad doesn’t want to listen to us but know the dad maybe will open up to listen to the message that we have to share.
I gave a talk in church about the Book Of Mormon because I have made an Oath with God that I am going to do all that I can to Bring the Book of Mormon to everyone in the world. We also went to the Visitor center with a Family that one week ago got baptized. This visitor center really is so amazing and if anyone ever has the opportunity to visit it’s amazing. Brings families closer and closer together. There is a spirit so strong and so beautiful! When we get back to the house in the nights we were talking with someone the members that live below us. Another family comes out crying and one of their dogs had been hit or have been killed we are not sure what happened. We helped bury the Dog outside of their house. It was a very sad moment for the family. 12 years with that dog.


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