July 31, 2018



One year!!!!!

1 YEAR!!! Wow i will be honest, it’s crazy how fast the time is going! It’s like a roller coaster. Everyone says at the year it’s like climing up the hill and after the year mark its all down hill and in no time will be getting in a plane to go home.

This week i Did some splits for 24 hours to learn from our leaders, and something i really learned is how to find the needs of the people who we are helping. Sometimes we are always thinking how to help them but if we never take the time to really listen to them we will never learn what they need. Taking the time to listen to someone can be hard and does take time. I promise as we open our spiritual ears the Holy Ghost will tell us all the needs of the family member or friend that we want to help.

We went the the visitors center in the morning with a family and haha now the kids want to go back and are always asking us when. It’s an awesome visitor center!

How important is the Book of Mormon to us?

In what ways can we use it more in our lives?

Diego 17 years old to be honest he is so ready to leave for the mission! We were in a lesson and he pulled out Preach My Gospel with his paper scriptures and not on his cellphone. I wish i could have had the chance to go out with the missionaries and learn before I left. I would have liked to know something of what i was getting myself into haha. I invite all who have the chance to leave with the missionaries to do it. I promise we love when members are willing to leave with us and go and visit some Investigators. As we were with Diego looking for the young single adults, we found a mother who has 2 kids in jail and have been for 2 years and they are getting out in about september. Do we really apriciate what our mothers do for us? We would be nothing without them. They are what gave us life and raised us up to be who we are! It really opened my eyes to see how much i Love my mother and i wondered if i am treating her in the best way that i can.


Baptism of Itzury! In the baptisms i try to think ‘how was my baptism? What can i remember? what did i feel?’ We are so blessed by God and sometimes we don't even realize it.

In the mission i have seen so many blessing and not only in my life but the lives of others. The Gospel is what blesses the families. I know that it does i have seen it in my own family and in the families of others! It is not easy with the world trying to keep us back but we can do it. God gave us Jesus Christ as an example to us. He has given us commandments to guide us where we need to go and not fall into the hands of Satan.

Today we went with Edmar and Joseline who are progressing really well but haha as always they aren't married. It is the bigest problem here in mexico. Satan is working so hard in the families and he is winning with some people. We need to strenghen our families in the Gospel and one way is in Family home evening. When we know the Doctrine, we know what we need to do.

How can we strengthen our families in these times of need?

Sunday...I never thought that we were going to have a last minute baptism on Sunday! An investigator that has 1 year going to church finally got baptized! It was such a blessing and amazing how much receiving the Holy Ghost can change someone for the better.

On Tuesday we have the opportunity to go to the temple. We went this morning and it was an amazing time. Being cut off from the world really is a help and i love being reminded of the conventants that we made before. We all need to take some time to go to the temple and get away from everything that is going on in the world.



Sincerely, Elder Webb


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