July 10, 2018



Family Home Evening

Wow today was the 4th of july i didnt even realize it haha! It really is weird to be in another country that doesn’t celebrate the 4th of july. Some thing that i have noticed with having 1 year here in México is that EVERYONE has dogs. In the morning we went to the park to teach an investigator, and everyone that was there had at least 1 dog if not more! For a place where no one has there own land/yard for a dog there are so many!

Sometimes I get thinking and ask myself am i doing my will or Gods will? Which one do we choose or accept?

During the Food today the member has a bird and the whole time it was trying to bite Elder tellez! haha he doesn’t like animals very much so I think the bird could read his mind haha! It was a funny battle to see him fighting with the bird and trying to eat. The brid finally went to the shoulder of the member and just chilled there the rest of the time unitl we left.

As we were going to another appointment we had to go throught a market and i swear they are built just so you can get in and never leave. It was like walking into anotther world! with so many things going on and to buy!

Zone Conference!!! It was about Faith in Jesus Christ and Ministering of Angels. I wish i could put down everything i learned! But i dont think i would ever have enough time! To have faith we have to know and understand the atonement. When we know that then we can really have a true faith and understand about where the power comes from having faith. Requirments of having faith
1. Believing that God exists
2. Understanding who God really is
3. Knowing that we are doing His will.
I invite all to read Ether 12 and moroni 7 if you are wanting to learn more.

We had a good opportunity to do some dirty service in our church clothes... haha ...pulling up some roots from a garden. Who doesn’t love having some surprise service just come right up?! And after that some thing even more exciting happened; we caught someone trying to steal as 2 love birds were making out in the park. I guess love can be a distraction sometimes haha! i went after the man and my comp told the couple. The man put the purse down and keep on going, not taking anything but if we wouldn't have passed in that time he would have gotten away with it.

As members of the church how can we magnify our callings? What are we doing for others to magnify our callings?

SUNDAY!! Well with not having church so early it gave us some time to go and pass by and invite some investigators to come to church today. Also we learned that we will be changing the hour of church to 11 AM in 2 weeks. The taxi with a member and the investigator were going to church we had to take metro and we were booking it trying to get to church on time and get there to be with the investigator.

Today for their first time in my mission after 1 year i ate a T-bone steake! IT WAS AMAZING!

Everything happens for a reason and sometimes we dont ever realize. We are so blessed sometimes with the people that we run into as we are contacting.

Always fun serving others. We went down the street in the morning and picked up the trash, just for a good service. We did get a little frustrated when the Garbage man wouldn't take the garbage because we weren't going to give him some money. Even the garbage men are corrupt here haha.

In the night the Bishop invited us to his family home evening and was really short but i learned that family home evenings are really important there is a reason why we are asked to have them. They don't have to be long but i know that they bring families together. I know when i get home i never want to miss a monday night with-our family home evening. I missed so many times before the mission and now i never want to. I invite everyone who is not having family home evening to start now. Enjoy the time we have to be together as a family.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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