June 19, 2018



The work is progressing

Heyyy!!! So this day i forgot to write out what i was going to write, so not sure how many things i am going to be able to remember. But i am going to try my best!

This week we have been getting a lot of rain! It has been amazing because the sun in not killing my skin! Thanks to our mission leader for buying some umbrellas to use that are small. We have been getting a lot of rain because it is now the time of the rain. Just about everyday it rains and sometimes it comes down hard and will flood the streets and we are always hoping the cars don’t spray us with the water in the has come close to happening! Some of the days it is a small amount of rain but feels amazing! Everyone is saying that it’s so cold but the weather is amazing right now!

Start of the world cup and México went crazy becaue they beat Germany! And was a test for the members because it was on sunday at 10 am so interesting to see who came to church lol! It can be so hard with all the tvs in the steet that have the game or when we eat at a restaurant they have the game on and so tempting just to take a quick little look. Satan is trying so hard to distract us from the work but i know that these games really aren't that important but what IS are the people that we are teaching. Trying to find how to help them with all the problems that are going on in their lives. Some times we need to take a step back and see what really is important in the moment.

On sundays are we really honoring it as the day of rest and to be thinking of God and being with the family? Some times we get lost in what we are doing. I Invite all to take a step back in their lives and really look on whats going on around us.

For p day we went to a museum and it was so awesome and FREE! Then we went to what’s called the Merced and it is well known in all of mexico for how cheap everything thing is! They sell everything you can think of so we went and bought our food for the week. La única problema es que puede ser poquito peligroso! jaja

We are teaching a family of 6 and they are amazing! the work is going amazing here with 10 others being prepared to be baptized in this time commng up! I have seen the how the church blesses families! This is an amazing work we are doing and we should be willing to talk with everyone about we belive so others can learn who are we and have the opportunity to listen with the missionaries!

The time is really flying by because here soon just going to hit a year in the next month and i have been told that after that the time just goes faster and faster, So much work to do and we should be doing it all the times that we can.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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