June 5, 2018



God’s Work

I know that God’s work here in México is really moving. We have a goal of having 1 baptism every week from every compenerismo! We have so much to do to make this goal real and i know that it is going to be.

Being so close to having a year in the mission i have seen so many changes here in México with the members and the converts. We are establishing the church! One investigator is having a hard time but really is trying to become closer to christ. He is working from 5 am to 11 am in his taxi which isn't a lot of time for being in a taxi and with so many other taxies here in the city finding people can be hard. After that he comes to his tienda which at first his wife was helping but she is now sick and can’t help that much so he is working 12 pm to 9 pm in his tienda and the times where people are buying are when he is in his taxi and at night so he is working a ton and having a hard time. Also helping his wife in the house to do the things makes it even harder. Even with all the things going on in his life he finds the times on sunday to go to church and feel the truth of these things.

This last week has been killer for the heat that we are having here. Everyone is saying that this is not something normal the sun is so strong! not just hot but can really feel how stong the sun is.


In my personal study I have been focusing on a talk from Ezra Taft Benson "Beware of Pride" we may think we are being humble but after reading the talk i really have been opened up in the sin of pride because its a sin we don't even know that we are sinning just about everyday. Now we are never going to be 100% humble but we can try to be the most humble that we can. I know that when we can be humble we will really see more happiness in our lives with family members and others.

There is a member in one of the wards that we are in that is going to be moving to utah because her husband is going to study in BYU.

Miracles are real! Today we found someone that we have been looking for a long time and now his family are going to listen again and hopfuly in the next month will be going to church and getting baptized he told us that he is going to come back and is going to be baptized he is just having some family problems.

We should always be giving thanks for all the milagros that we have seen just like Lehi’s family always giving thanks when they received help from the lord. Got a ride from a member who has a taxi and a lot of taxis work in groups and use code words to know if everything is going good and other words when everything is going bad or someone doesn’t want to pay and they will tell people to get out so they can help other taxis if there is any problem.

Today we did something a little different had some changes with our district leader for some time so he could do an interview of someone who is going to be baptized the 9 of june. With this investigator i have seen him change so much. He has had a hard life with being an acoholic and he wants to stop and change his life to have a good relationship with his family. Sometimes when we hurt the ones we love it takes some time to heal an its something that is one day to another but with the help of the atonement and really repenting what we have done wrong. As we are humble i know that a family will never fight if everyone is humble. The reason for fighting or problems with family members is because no one wants to accept who was wrong. Sometimes can be hard but just accepting that we were wrong can stop so many problems form happening.

Today the bigest thing that happened was we went with the bishop to visit a family of 6 which there not very many here in México that have 6 and they all want to listen! The gospel is how we are going to find happiness for all the time and eternity. I know that the church of Jesus Christ is focused in the families and as we are in the chruch we will be able to feel that bond within the famlies.

this is a normal sunday 5:30 wake up leaving at 7:15 getting early to the 8 am church for the first ward Balbuena and then at 12 starts Mixichuca and ends at 3 we are leaving the chuch about 4 and some Sundays the meeting with the ward leaders which take the time 11 to 12 that we have nothing we sometimes are in the meetings with the ward leaders. we have 10 people as investigators come to church which is a lot! The hard work really pays off at the end of the week!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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