May 29, 2018



District meeting

Today they asked everyone in the zone to go to the stake center for the district meeting so waking up at 6:30 rushing to get ready to be there on time after another 1 hour of using the metro. Though i am so grateful that it really isn't that far knowing that for some it can be 6 hours to the mission offices and for us it’s between 10-30 minits so i am grateful for that!

When we know how to fast our prayers can be so strong! As we read in Isaiah 58:6,7 As we know that the sacrifice that we are making to help others with the paying fast tithings. As we help others and are aking for help, God will help us through any problem that we may be going through. I know that fasting is so strong and powerful combined with praying and we should be fasting every month to always be close to our Hevanly Father.

Today in the morning i was trying to help my companion learn some english in his study and it’s really so hard to teach! And even harder when the one you are teaching doesn’t know anything. I am forgetting some of my english because just about all of the time (well all of the time) i am speaking spanish to everyone. So my spanish is getting better and with studying it really helps so much more.

Today we tried knocking on doors to see how well it would go but if the door had the peek hole and it didn't open but we could hear the television being turned off and like no one was there it was frustrating. We knocked about 30 doors and no one opened. After that with having no appointment we started to contacting and inviting people to visit and learning more using the card to start talking to everyone.

10 MONTHS I really want to know why the time goes by so fast in the mission!?! It really is crazy about to hit 1 year in the mission. Looking, looking, and looking it is the most important thing to do in the mission. If we don’t look we won’t have anyone to teach or to baptize. It really takes a lot of faith with looking and looking because some days we don’t find anyone and it can be hard. But as we all have been taught, throughout the hard times we can have a stonger faith in Jesus Christ and his power to do all things. How can we grow our faith everyday?

5:30 wake up! so that we can be at the chruch 7:30 to welcome all the members of the ward! We leave the chruch building that day at 3:00 to go and eat in the house of the stake president! He really knows how to make spicy chili. I thought i could eat spicy but what he fed us was crazy hot! And nothing else goes better with chili than some Posoli de chicken.

By the end of the week we were able to find 6 new investigators thanks to God and his help in his own work. As Lehi we offered a prayer of gratitude for all the blessings that the Lord has givin us.

Everyone has something to improve in our lives and we should always be trying to become better people even when it can become a little hard.

Today we ate Alcachofas. That is how you say it but it’s a flower and they put cheese inside and fry it. It was good! You really don't eat the flower besides the heart and the cheese that is on the inside.

Trust in the Lord and he can do all things! Faith and trust are the same and in any problem that we are going through we should never give up but have fatih and trust like Ether 12:6

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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