March 6, 2018



Zone conference

Zone Conference! It was about repentance. Some of the things that i learned from this conference was; we need to forgive others before we can be forgiven. Just as the story in the Bible where the king forgave his servent of a huge debt but the servent didn't for another servent of a smaller debt. We should always be willing to forgive because God is always willing to forgive us of our sins. We really can see huge progression through repentance, it really is the only way that we can change for the better. If we don't repent we might as well be walking in a circle our whole lives. We are going to work more with the young adults because we are the future of the church and we should be using what we have been given to share the gosple with the world and with our friends. We shouldn't be holding back sharing the Gospel. I went to the Doctor ...that was a lot of fun and on the way back it was 9 pm at night and we needed to be in our house but we were still really far away...we were waiting at a light and elder Espinosa says to me It would be such a miracle if a member just pulls up right now and gives us a ride. Well... Wasn't a member but a man in his car pulls up and tells us to get in. He is catholic but knew that we were missionaries and just felt to give us a ride. He took us to the metro because we our house was in the other dirrection of where he was going. It just was so amazing to see the charity of others.
Went and visited with a member and their family to get to know them. She was sharing her testimony about how she came to join the church and just was so strong and amazing. It took her 5 years of investigating but with time her heart softened and now she is there every Sunday and willing to help us. We should all find our conversion or our testimony and share that with everyone! Testimonies can really touch someones heart so we should share the Gospel with everyone and always share our testimony!
It really is amazing to see that this area that we are in isn’t the safest but as we were walking I saw a father and his son playing together and it really is just amazing to see how happy families can be even when the environment may be hard or not easy. No matter where we are the most important way to be happy is with our families! They are the most important for Heavenly Father! It is always amazing when members can come to visits with us! The most important thing we can do is visit people. I didn't like to go home teaching but it is the most important thing that we can do and we should use that time to make friends in the church. I invite everyone to get to know the members in the ward. i know there are many members that you don't know. Get to know them and be their friends. We are all one family here and we should visit our family and let them know we are here for them.

The combies/vans here are CRAZY with how they drive it can be a red light here and really isn't that important just as long as no one is coming or they can beat the person that is coming they are going to go! I am so glad to not to have a car here because it is crazy!
FAST AND TESTIMONY MEETING!!! It really is one of my favorite sundays now because we have the chance to share our testimony with EVERYONE!! The best thing that we could do is to share our testimony because we don't know whose heart it may touch.

Rough day en la verdad but it was good in the end because i know we gave our all and that the next day we are going to give our all. Always remember that WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD!!! That is one of the most important things to know! And being children of God, he is going to help us to become better and he is going to bless us!!
In the night we were with a family and they had invited us to read the scriptures with them.

my testimony
I know that this church is the church of Jesus Christ and it is the kingdom of God here on the Earth. I know that the Book of mormon has POWER! We shoud be reading it everyday! I know that when times get hard we can use the book of mormon to help our day. I know that we are all children of God and he is our Heavenly Father! I know that as we share the Gospel we are going to be filled with more joy and happiness in our lives! I know that God has an amazing plan for us and we all have a part to do. No one is worthless! I know that families can be forever! I know that we can be forgiven of sins and we can improve everyday! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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