February 20, 2018



Another quake and a transfer

For the preaperation of the zone conference we are studying about repentance and the atonement. Some times we may put aside repentance but it is something we need to do because we need to be clean always and always have the spirit to be with us. As we repent we are changing for the better and always working to be better . We have been re teaching miguel and he really is asking so many amazing questions really wanting to know more and more! When we are asking questions is when we are going to learn more and more and we should be asking God for the answers of our questions also.
I feel bad for Elder Gamez because he can’t even get our of bed because of how sick he is. It sucks to be sick in the mission because there is always so much to get done and when you’re in the bed and can’t go and work then it gets even harder. Thankfully by 12 he was feeling better and we didn't have to stay home we could go out and continue all the work that we have! I am really hoping to stay another cycle in this area but only God knows. I know that if i go to another area that is where I need to be and I will give my all! I am really seeing how we need to be following the spirit because without the spirit we are just walking alone and we really dont know where we are going. The Holy Ghost is a huge guide! A lot of times when a thought comes to our mind it is the spirit and we should act on that thought or idea.The second though is the natural man usually just us thinking.
Another Earth Quake! I Thought that i would only be in one but i guess not!?!? Another one!!! It really is so weird but i am never scared. It did last about 2 minuets and was a feels so weird and then the power is out and we went to teach some lessons with candles and phone lights it really was cool! There is so many small things - cracks in buildings that happen - thankfully no one here was hurt and nothing fell. It is also crazy because then everyone is out in the street walking and some are running and then after there are cars just flying by trying to get to their family and i dont know how there wasn't any crash to be honest.
it is always so amazing waching an investigator/recent convert getting the priesthood. German got the priesthood and he really is so firm because he started to read the book of mormon and his mom started reading also and they tell us wow your guys are right because this book can talk! German has been going our on appointments with us and when he shares his testimony just so strong about the Book of Mormon. As we were at a RC meeting with president Nauman and the stake president and it is amazing some of the testimonies that were shared with us. Preident Nauman talked about family history and how our ancestors are up there waitng for us to go to the temple for them and they are probably mad when they are waiting and we are doing other peoples names. It is amazing service for others but our family is waiting to enter and only we are the ones that can help them. I am going to the area Olimpico and Hangres we will be working in 2 wards and i will be with elder Espinosa and he is from Tabasco Mexico.
Got into my new area in the morning and i am so ready to get to work. I will be working in 2 wards and i guess one of the wards doesn’t have a bishop!?! There is so much work to be done here it is crazy. We live 5 min walking from the airport! There are always airplanes flying over our heads! It really is so awesome! The house is for 4 missionaries but right now there are just 2 of us in the house and that is so nice! I have a walmart to go and do shopping! I am now in the City... before i was just in the state of mexico. There are a lot of people in our area it is just that they all don't live here so it’s so hard to find anyone. The area that we are working in is HUGE because it’s two wards and the map looks like an L and it is around the airport.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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