February 13, 2018




We worked a lot with German to help him prepare for his baptism this Saturday. We went and worked with Miguel who was baptised about 3 weeks ago and he really wants to learn so much and has so many questions about the temple and getting sealed.We taught him about the priesthood and he was surprised that he had the priesthood and we were helping him to prepare to give his son the priesthood this Sunday. All day we were running around trying to find people who want to listen. There are a lot of people who want to listen but they dont want to listen from their hearts.
In the morning we were helping Germans mom prepare also for the baptism. They are worried but they really are such a strong family. I am really seeng how we are the instruments in the hands of God. We really just need to give our all and he will use us in the ways that he has. We all have a reson why we are here on the earth. There is not a single person without a reason. Something amazing that i have noticed is there are investigators that don't want to do anything with us but we then leave them the book of mormon and when they start to read their hearts begin to opening to the message that we have. The Book of Mormon really can change everyones lives. It is a blessing that everyone has the opportunity to read.
As we were out of the streets it just started to rain so much!! And it really came out of nowhere! Then it came to my mind that all my clothes are still hanging up outside and the air is so poluted that sometimes it gets our clothes dirty and then we have to wash them again lol. The streets started to flood but it only rained for about 30 minutes. It just was so much rain!! They call this months loco febuary because it rains and then its hot and then it’s cold so then everyone here is sick because of the change in the weather. We should always doubt our doubts and not the gospel we know that Hevanly Father is perfect and he has so many blessing for us as we live the gospel. Doubts will only destroy ourselves. Singing Hymns can bring the spirit so strong into us and the hearts of others. Just even one every night or having one in our heart throughout the day will bring blessing and we will always have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in our heads and hearts.
Today we have a baptism of Miriam, German, Samaria. We were at the church at 9 to start cleaning and start the water so it could be warm by 12. It takes so much time for the water to heat up and get all hot because only 1 part of the boiler works. They are working on fixing it but who knows how long it will take for them to finish. The baptism was amazing! I just love how people are willing to make such a big choice in their lives. Just knowing that all three of them will be entering the kingdom of God together. As we are doing a study we should always have questions in our heads. The best way to learn is if we are asking God questions as we are studying. In one week I find out if even after 6 months in the area if i will have another cycle or if i am going to change to a new area. I really don't know to be honest. I would love to stay but sometimes changes are for the best and will help me progress.
We did a companion study and we were in divisions with Elder Allen and we used 3 white board in the study it is amazing just writing things down how much it can open up our minds and how the spirit will teach us. I have learned that it takes a lot of patience with the investigators because sometimes they don't want to progress or they take a long time to learn so it’s not their fault but just works the patience sometimes
We had the opportunity to go to the temple and we went with one of the members! It was so amazing. It really is such a blessing to have the temple in the mission. I saw elder Sage there in the temple we went to the same school and he has 3 months less than i do. I never thought i would see him at the temple. He is in a different mission but it’s close. Who knows who else i may see at the temple.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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